Do We or Don’t We Do It?



The writing process, a set way of creating and pushing through articles, stories, essays, etc. One of the main things that students are required to learn and know by heart before their big tests, and something that I, as an author, don’t really bother with all that often.

However, as I am slowly but surely attempting to gather myself together and create lesson plans for the upcoming school year, I find myself wondering more and more if the writing process can really be all that necessary. You see, I haven’t thought much about it since middle school. I have always kind of had my own set up for how I write and my process is sometimes much different from the 5 steps listed above. So what, then, is the real value of the WRITING PROCESS as our students are learning it?

How many authors really use those 5 steps, in that particular order, every time they write (or any time they write)? Do you? Do we? Don’t we do it? Does everyone just move on and use their own process? Am I going to be stifling student creativity and ability because I ask them to ‘show their work’ so to speak? Am I overthinking things again?

What is your writing process?


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