Trudy’s Dream

Sorry for the absence this past week! I am experiencing technical difficulties (My computer fried on me) and have stolen my mother’s old, tiny laptop for today’s post. I hope to be back to my regular laptop, and my regular posting schedule, soon. Until then, please feel free to find me at and enjoy today’s Short Story:



Trudy Roudett had always known that he wanted to be a superhero. Since before he could remember, Trudy had pretended, preened, and practiced for the day that he would earn his own mask and cape. All through school, Trudy researched and posed…and his family shook their heads and whispered, “It’s just a phase.” Or “He’ll grow out of it Marge.” It wasn’t and he didn’t.


By the end of middle school Trudy had decided to move on, he wasn’t going to be inheriting any powers anytime soon. Unfortunately, that just meant he would be searching for alternate forms of power absorption. By the time he reached the summer after sophomore year, Trudy was the president of the Chess, Physics, Chemistry, and Audio Visual clubs at school; and had been kicked out of every pet store, zoo, aquarium, and Rainforest Café in the Tri-State area.


Utterly dejected, Trudy turned to drawing himself into comic strips and locking himself into his bedroom for days, watching his old favorite films. Then, one day, KAPLOW! It hit him…his favorites didn’t have real superpowers. They had great suits and transport. Maybe, just maybe, that’s all he had to do!


That led to Trudy being the only male in Home Economics his junior year which led to him being the only member of any of his clubs to take a date to prom that year. It also carried him through college, grad school, and internships until Trudy Roudett, the weird kid down the street, became Trudy Roudett the award winning costume and gadget designer/creator for big budget Hollywood super hero movies. Of course, that’s when he’s not at home with the wife and kids or acting as Mayor for his home town.


And if every once in a while, late at night when the kids are asleep, there’s a lone tricked out sports car cruising the streets of DessertSky with a masked avenger at the wheel…well, he’s just trying out a new prototype, right?

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