Stinky Rice


Today I tried out a few of the sensory play ideas that can be found on

YOU GUYS!! This site is fabulous! What you see above is the aftermath of my daughter’s day playing with the summer scented rice. She played for hours with the rice; moving, measuring, and sniffing the different scents so intently that she barely made a sound for the firs half hour. Since it was a cloudy day, we used her old play pool for the rice…something else she got a big kick out of!

We also took a break in the afternoon to try some Koolaid and baking soda fizzy fun (another activity from their blog) and it too was a hit!

The best part?? These are such fun activities that you don’t really need a kid to do them with you…but you might want one for some of the outdoors fizzy water gun games…

Check it out and have a great day!


6 thoughts on “Stinky Rice

    • It is uncooked white rice so no, not edible. The point is a lot like sand play, where the child measures and pours the rice. The nice thing is that it’s less track-able than sand and easier to clean up.

      The scents and some of the color come from mixing Koolaid, Duncan Hines icing powder mix, seasonings, etc. add a bit of water, mix it up, let it dry…and BAM! You can also use food coloring to amp up the color.

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