Reading Wednesday

Hello folks! I am still experiencing technical difficulties but snagged my mother’s iPad in order to check in today. I hope you are all having lovely weather (we have beautiful thunder storms and cool temperatures here today!). Luckily for me, my newest review copy came in the mail yesterday so I have something funny to read.

In fact, I have only gotten to Chapter 3 of this compilation and have already laughed myself to tears a few times. What is this fabulous book, you ask. Well, here it is!

Drummond Moir’s compilation of typos is often hilarious, occasionally thought provoking, and (so far) a delightful look at humanity.

So…What Are YOU up to this week? Any new stories for me? Any great books? Can’t wait to hear all about them!

4 thoughts on “Reading Wednesday

    • Never feel guilty about reading the book if you like it…just like I try not to feel guilty about liking the movies better on a certain recent(ish) series or two.

      That sounds like a book I want to read!!!

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