The Last Tea Party

“She’s getting the china out!” Vivian whispered excitedly before quickly stiffening back into position.

“Tea Party Time!” I roared, before remembering where I was. Ever since that Toy Story movie had hit theaters the year before, Rose had been even more intent on proving our full capabilities.

“Shut it Tim!” Gus hissed urgently, “She’s on her way back!”

So, as the movie would say, we went soft seconds before our beloved 6 year old burst through the door expectantly. “Shoot,’ she shrugged and scooped us up. “Time for tea!”

That’s what we all thought would happen, tea time with our favorite girl, but just as she began to settle into her chair at the patio’s princess table, Uncle George called her back into the house.

That was 16 years ago and though most of my head has since been carted off to surrounding trees, I can still remember that first/last day like it was yesterday. I wonder where little Rose went…but at least with the house abandoned we can talk to each other!



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