Grammar Grouch Playtime!

I am a word use and grammar patrol kind of woman. I try to curb my compulsions around other people because, apparently, it’s rude to point these mistakes out to the ‘normals’. I have had friends and family get mad at me, a coworker refuse to talk to me ( It’s HAMBURGER not Habooger!!), and at least one friend who actively uses the writing process when texting with me. And I’m not even the most stringent grammar officer that I know. So what are we supposed to do with ourselves for Grammar Police fun? How about read a book that is made up of only typos?

Just My Typo by Drummond Moir
*I was sent a free copy in return for an honest review*

The book Just My Typo Is a quick and hilarious fix for those of us who find typos to be humorous. Compiled by Drummond Moir, this collection provides typos from all sections of our lives, whether it be in a religious text, the newspaper, your classic lit over there on the shelf, or even in a love note, and some of these typos will make you have to drop the book and laugh. I’m pretty sure I stopped breathing twice, but I will let you find your own happiness with that experience.

Though I do usually do in depth reviews on my books, especially the ones sent to me for free in exchange for honest reviews, as this one was, the in your face celebration of mistakes is kind of a ‘what you see is what you get’ work, and I give it 4.5 out of 5 dragons.

For more information on this author and his books, check out the Random House Page at:

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