Door to the Wonders of Writing…

I wish that I had a beautiful picture of my classroom door to share with you today. I don’t. The door itself is a large, brown, wooden block on hinges and I cannot decide what to do with it.

Should I use my mother’s extensive art knowledge and my almost impossible to live up to creativity to creat a Hobbit hole effect with some pithy sign on the Hobbit door? (Ms. Tyree’s class…where imagination creates!).

Perhaps I should take the pen poster and make a door covering out of it. Have you seen that poster? Several types of writing utensils lined up with the words ‘Tools of Mass Creation’ below them. Absolutely awesome.

Or maybe a big tree with a wise welcoming owl..Wally theWriter whoooo welcomes you to class. A big notebook page with a yay for writing note on it. A turtle, just because I like turtles, or a Dragon because…well duh! Yay dragons.

As you can see,the list is potentially endless and driving me mad. Any thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Door to the Wonders of Writing…

  1. Cindi says:

    Sorry, the “creative and artistic” genes skipped me. My personal vote would be for the pen poster. Anyway, I’m sure whatever you come up with will be great. Won’t be long till school starts!!

    • I have two weeks until in-service and exactly 18.5 days until students! I have the door art narrowed down to the fantasy tree/hobbit hole deco, the weapons of mass creation, or the welcome, wise writers owl.

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