Two wonderful opportunities have been afforded to the members of Tyree Tomes this week.

Dr. Tyree was asked to interview about his work in ministry and writing with radio personality and all around talented guy Mark Stansberry, whom you can find on the Americana charts, radio station AM 1170 kfaq Tulsa (www.1179kfaq.com), or at http://www.thegtdgroup.com…among other places! The interview will air at 8:30 am on Sunday, August 31st and will be available for listening/downloading sometime that same afternoon. This has catapulted him to a ‘cooler than Elizabeth’ status at the moment, so be sure to check it out and congratulate him at his own blog

The other wonderful opportunity belongs to me (Elizabeth) and is one that I, personally, am incredibly excited about. My principal has agreed to my proposal that my writing class publish their own anthology. Tyree Tomes will volunteer to do the final editing and formatting and each of my students will get to include their favorite piece from their own portfolio. We will have it available on Amazon and Kindle so make sure to keep an eye out for that this coming spring! All proceeds will benefit the school and each sale will help boost excitement and confidence in the young authors!

Don’t forget to run over to our Facebook page And give us a like! You’ll stay up to date on our activities AND can be a part of some wonderful give always and contests that we have coming up soon!

What great things happened for you this week? We’re looking forward to hearing all about it! Happy Friday and May you have a Blessed weekend.

Editing, Reviewing, and Publishing our way through life.

Editing, Reviewing, and Publishing our way through life.


4 thoughts on “Opportunities

    • I think I want a dragon peeking around a tree and fairies peeking out from under leaves or something similar. Then the J.K. Rowling quote.

      The wall will say Ms. Tyree’s class-where students become authors.

      Or something similar

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