Multi-genre authors search

HELP!!!!! I am in search of authors for my students to be able to research, discuss, and read in our writing class. I would like to do an author of the month every month (maybe two authors a month?) so that my students can learn about the world as seen through the eyes of authors and readers outside of their insulated environment.

However, I am trying to find an author that writes across genres for children or middle grade readers because we are learning more about genres this month. Does anyone have any ideas?

I need your help please! If you have any ideas for me, please leave a note or message me. If you don’t want to leave a note here, head over to and catch me there.

Thank you in advance! Have a blessed weekend everyone!

8 thoughts on “Multi-genre authors search

  1. What grade are you teaching and what genres do you already have covered? Harper Lee is always a good choice (most people are surprised to know she was a woman), Jack London, Farley Mowat, Tolkien…there are tons!

  2. Ok, grade 5 is a great time to expand imaginations! As someone else mentioned, The Hobbit is a good one, Farley Mowat (specifically, Mutt or Owls in the Family, I believe both are non-fiction, but I’d double check), To Kill a Mockingbird (might be a bit too political for 10 year-olds), short stories by Stuart Mclean…there are tons out there. I remember reading Hatchet around that age. Dove is an excellent non-fiction adventure story. Some of the classics like Mutiny on the Bounty, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea…lol, I hope at least one of these is helpful.

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