Reading Late

I can’t believe that we’ve already reached Wednesday this week…or that I almost let it fly past me! With all of my meetings this week, I’m mostly reading instructions and packets of school things. What is everyone else up to this week?? I hope it is of a biblio-lific persuasion! (It’s a real word if I say it is!)

See you soon, I hope!

Favorite Animals and other Nonsense

When asked (about once a year or so) I have a ready list of my favorite animals. But when that list starts out with Dragons well…people look at me a little differently. Probably because anyone asking that question doesn’t know me well yet. And, let’s be honest here, it isn’t like I said unicorn! However, the list is as follows (DRAGONS!) All types of owls, manatees, dolphins, sea turtles, and jelly fish.

While we’re at it: my favorite number is 13, my favorite short story is Sleepy Hollow, my favorite colors are orange, coral, and teal, my favorite Disney Fairy is Vidia, I prefer Stark, Banner, and Loki to the other Avengers, and the only music I just can’t stand to listen to much of is hard core rap.

Oh! One more thing, my e-books will be free IN ORDER for the next 3 Mondays and Tuesdays. That means that Dragon On My Neck will be available for free download until midnight tomorrow (Tuesday 8/12/14).


“I don’t understand!” The priest wailed, wringing his aged hands in Antony while the woman he knew as Sister Gertrude waved the new deed in his face. “There’s no reason for you to shut down our school! There’s nothing for miles except for needy kids, smelly animals, and a vegetable garden.”

“Oh contrare mon petite padre,” she paused to contemplate that line before absentminded lay waving the confusion away and continuing on, “you see, I needed the mountain road access you have here and this paltry work was in my way, but not anymore.”

“but WHY??” Father Thomas seemed to be asking his questions of God and the false nun waited a tick to see if the explanation would be given for her. When the ceiling of the dusty chapel remained silent she turned glittering golden eyes on the confused priest and tore away her wimple with a cackle.

“Don’t you get it old man?” ‘Sister Gertrude’s’ face hardened, her lips thinning caustically as she stretched them into a smile that would scare kittens. “Your property-oh wait, haha, I mean my property- surrounds the only accessible part of this mountain. Now that you and your whimpering mass of children will be gone, my friends and I will have the perfect hiding place for our operation.”

“Your friends?” It’s amazing what a well placed eyebrow can do for a conversation, a fact that Father Thomas often took advantage of and this conversation was no different.

“I don’t mind telling you now, since you’re so senile and won’t need to remember this much longer anyway,” she bragged. “My friends and I are the ones who robbed that big toy store AND stole the tiger cubs and penguins from the zoo. There’s a big cave near the spring here that we’ll be icing down soon.” She suddenly gasped and checked her watch, “They’ll be here in less than an hour, so you better GET OUT or you’ll be meeting your big boss man much sooner than you had planned on!”

“Thank you Trisha,” he sighed. “That’s all I needed to know.”

“I don’t remember telling you my real name,” she growled suspiciously seconds before a heavily armed and vested officer clutched her elbow.

Ripping off his bald cap and dropping his cane, Thomas (a 26 year old undercover detective) shook his head at the girl, whose mouth as flopping like a fish out of water.

“You crossed the with those penguins,” he explained almost apologetically before Trisha was led away.

“Good work Detective,” his boss squawked over the walkie now dangling from Thomas’s belt. “No go bring our agents home!”

Friday Update!

Sorry for my absence today everyone! I had a meeting that lasted until almost 1 and now my writing and Social Studies has been changed to integrated Writing and Science classes. I’m excited to start looking at all if that! I do love experiments and even already have a few in my lesson plans for writing.

As for Tyree Tomes, there will be more e-book give aways soon and until then, I want you to head over to our Facebook page And see what we have going on.

Have an AMAZING weekend!

What are You Reading Wednesday

This week I am reading a fascinating book by Brian Michael Bendis entitled Words for Pictures:the Art and Business of Writing Comics and Graphic Novels. Every page has a new picture and great insight into a world that I have always been a little curious about.

My grandpa was excited about a new stack of western romances he had found, Grandma had a pseudo-thriller, and the toddler is re-reading the newspaper inserts for us.

What are YOU reading this week? Whatever it is, I would love to hear about it! May you blessed and may your books thrill you.

Supernatural Salsa

This is the second in a series of short stories centering on a minor character from The Stone Dragon Saga book 4 (coming soon…)
Last week we saw the dramatic introduction of our new friend, Sergio. Now, let us tune back in to Supernatural Salsa for his interview.

Introduction to the Other Side: Part 2

“Welcome to Supernatural Salsa, Sergio!

“Thank you for having me Ms. Sakowich.”

“Susan please!” She tittered at the deep voice of the well groomed legend.

“Susan it is,” he inclined his large head, “I appreciate your willingness to accommodate my need for privacy today.”

“You are very welcome Mr. De la Kraken. May ask though, why is it that you have come forward now after thousands of years of your people being relegated to the pages of legend? I think we’re all dying to know!” She motioned to the studio audience, who’s dumbfounded expressions immediately transformed to smiles, nods, and cheers.

“Well Susan,” Sergio put on his best news caster voice and leaned a little closer to stare penetratingly into the camera, his big golden irises captivating audiences across the viewing area. “The fate of the world may depend on this interview.”

A collective gasp rose across the world as Supernatural Salsa’s audience sat glued to their computers, phones, and television sets awaiting more from this amazing creature.

“The fate of the entire world?” Susan herself was leaning closer to the large screen, almost levitating from her red arm chair and barely able to contain herself. A mythological creature outing himself on national television would boost the ratings for a few weeks, but this….the kraken was practically signing her new, extended contracts!

“Yes Susan, I’m afraid so,” Sergio was saying, “Maybe even the fate of several worlds. I wish I could say that something is coming to destroy us, because then it would be easier to guard ourselves against the threat. But I’m afraid it has already been here, hiding among the elite and the workers alike for thousands of years, amassing power and followers.”

“Oh,” Susan tuned back in long enough to know that a political rant was about to take off. “And we would love to hear all about it, After This Word From Our Sponsors!…CUT IT EARL!”

please stay tuned…

our regularly scheduled program will be delayed until tomorrow due to extreme not working on my part. The short story is complete and waiting for me to type it up…but I went to the movies with a friend and played with my daughter instead.


I promise that I Won’t play hooky again tomorrow. You will have today’s story and possibly another post. Until then, have a blessed night!




Two wonderful opportunities have been afforded to the members of Tyree Tomes this week.

Dr. Tyree was asked to interview about his work in ministry and writing with radio personality and all around talented guy Mark Stansberry, whom you can find on the Americana charts, radio station AM 1170 kfaq Tulsa (, or at…among other places! The interview will air at 8:30 am on Sunday, August 31st and will be available for listening/downloading sometime that same afternoon. This has catapulted him to a ‘cooler than Elizabeth’ status at the moment, so be sure to check it out and congratulate him at his own blog

The other wonderful opportunity belongs to me (Elizabeth) and is one that I, personally, am incredibly excited about. My principal has agreed to my proposal that my writing class publish their own anthology. Tyree Tomes will volunteer to do the final editing and formatting and each of my students will get to include their favorite piece from their own portfolio. We will have it available on Amazon and Kindle so make sure to keep an eye out for that this coming spring! All proceeds will benefit the school and each sale will help boost excitement and confidence in the young authors!

Don’t forget to run over to our Facebook page And give us a like! You’ll stay up to date on our activities AND can be a part of some wonderful give always and contests that we have coming up soon!

What great things happened for you this week? We’re looking forward to hearing all about it! Happy Friday and May you have a Blessed weekend.

Editing, Reviewing, and Publishing our way through life.

Editing, Reviewing, and Publishing our way through life.