Friday Meanderings

When you spend time every day wondering what your life would have been if you had only changed one little thing, then there are 2 little things you can do:

1) Befriend a Time Lord or invent/steal a time machine to go back and tweak things


2) Write it OUT!

(Ok, Maybe you could also move on and if its that important to you try to change things now, but that’s not as fun)

Common wonderments among my family and friends are things like, “What would have happened if we had/hadn’t moved at that point?” “What if I had said yes/no to that job/date/car/etc.” and “What if I had followed through on that?”

That’s the kicker…What IF I had followed through. So here is the challenge to you, and to myself: FOLLOW THROUGH! Turn in the manuscript, apply for the scary awesome job, ask that guy out, buy the ticket. Whatever it is that you will regret letting slip away, or do regret letting slip away, go take care of it! And then, whenever you have a moment or two (whether it be at the beginning, middle, or end of the follow through) WRITE IT OUT! Tell the world, tell your friends, or lock it away, but write out how you feel now. That’s a way to birth great stories, both fiction and non, out of your own background. Or just to tell your family what you did in your life.

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Have a Blessed and Wonderful Weekend!

Root Canal Wednesday

Normally I would be asking you what you’re devouring from the book shelf this week…and I am still very interested in that…but I just spent the better part my afternoon reading the back of my eyelids while the dentist and his assistant did whatever it is they do and performed my first ever root canal, complete with a sound track of early/mid 90s country music. Delish
The combo gas and shots did a great job of numbing me out and the discomfort was minimal. Of course, that is starting to be a different story but for the most part it hasn’t done too much damage to me.

So the question I have for you today is this: what is something that has really surprised or startled you recently? Hopefully something good that really blindsided you.

I hope there is more than 1 thing and I can’t wait to see what your responses are!

Don’t Look

“Why are you hyperventilating? Why is he hyperventilating?” Shary turned an accusing glare on Bill, her little brother Chris’s best friend.

“Whoa Nelly,” Bill held both hands up in surrender, “I just got here myself sis.”

“Likely story,” Shary kept on grumbling to herself and Bill ignored her happily, the two had developed this routine over two decades of begrudging friendship and neither paid much attention any more.

“Don’t look,” Chris suddenly gasped as he reached out to clutch the sweater clad arm of his older sister. “I should have never looked!”

“Looked where, Bolt?” Bill, the ‘nut’ to Chris’s ‘bolt’ held tightly to his friend’s hand and glancing around nervously. “Did you see something bad buddy? Should we call for help.”

“There is no help,” Chris rasped out, beginning to gasp and groan for air once more. “Nothing can be unseen. Don’t look! DON’T LOOK! Promise me Shar.”

“I can’t promise until I know where you looked,” Shary pointed out a little testily.

“The house,” Chris pointed shakily, though no one had needed to ask which house he meant. THE HOUSE had been abandoned since they were kids, the last people to live there having been Bill’s great aunt Gertrude and her caretaker. But the boys and Shary had played and explored there throughout the years, even spending a recent rain soaked afternoon tightly embroiled in one of the many storage rooms as they searched through old storage chests and giggled at Gertrude’s eccentric collections.

“What could you have possibly seen in there?” Shary scoffed, “We’ve been through that place a dozen times this year alone.”

“Can’t tell. Don’t look through the key hole!” Chris’s eyes rolled back into his head as he collapsed, ashen faced, to the damp grass of his sister’s freshly mown lawn.

Glancing between his fallen body and the decrepit, abandoned old mansion down the street, Shary and Bill reverted to their childhood selves almost immediately.

“Race you!” No telling which one said it as they both took off down the street…no telling who got there first or what, exactly, drove them both to the left side of that faded mauve exterior. There’s not even any way to tell who, or what, they may have seen through that old fashioned key hole in the door no one had ever noticed before. No way because, you see, no one has heard them speak since that moment.

Wait, I take that back, Shary is saying something now…

“Don’t look!”

Thrashin’ Thursday

This week has been an odd one. With teacher work days on Monday (no school for students) and a sick child, it doesn’t seem as if it should be Thursday today…but I’m not sure if it should be earlier or later in the week! All afternoon I felt as if it were Friday, only to be sadly disappointed when I realized otherwise. Every student has been cranked up and crazy, and there are 2 new ones this week too!

According to friends and relatives (who lead real lives and go outside once in a while) this oddness has stretched out to non-school related places like eateries, shopping places, and extra-special road rage. So now I am curious, is this just our area? Is it just the result of odd weather changes and the extra super moon last week? Or is something more sinister afoot? (Or ahead, or a-hand, or perhaps an-ear?)

Should I chalk it up to the excessive amount of adhd and uneducated people that are piling into our area and perhaps write a story centering around it…or should I worry?

How are things in your neck of the woods?

Short Story Sunday – 3 days late

I know, I know…I’m late again. The good news is that I wrote this somewhere close to the time that I was supposed to. Of course, it doesn’t really count if I don’t type it up and post it right?? Ugh…Its here now so you’ll just have to forgive me (Or at least pretend to for my poor bruised sense of self worth).

I present to you, with no further ado, The Ad (dundundun) 

“Oh Billy,” Taryn clucked and shook her head at the unconscious man. “If only you had behaved!”

Hearing Billy’s doctor talking to a patient in the next room, Taryn gave Billy’s fingers on last squeeze and the tubing around his arms one last thump before sliding out of the room. Walking briskly through the hospital to the parking lot, the fiery red head flipped up her jacket’s hood and pressed the #3 speed dial button on her concealed cell phone.

Gotta love hoodie headphones she mused to herself, waiting for her call to connect.

“Thank you for calling the NorthWest News! How may I help you?” The chipper voice sparkled across the air, causing Taryn to grin before responding.

“Hey there Ms. Perl! Its Anna Maria again…I think it might be time to bust out my ad.”

“Oh Dear,” Perl sighed, “I had such high hopes for this one too!”

“So did I, but you know what they say…Move on and Climb Up…or something like that!” Taryn trilled laughter, causing a nearby squirrel to jump into frenzy panic mode with his armful of nuts.

“Every week or two,” Perl mumble half-jokingly before adding her own, more subdued, laughter to the mix.

“Oh hush,” Taryn rolled her eyes and silently reminded herself that while “Taryn” was an OCD adrenaline junky dominant personality, “Anna Maria” was a bubbly sweet Southern woman just looking for a friend to exercise her love of the outdoors with.

“Got you all set up sweet pea!” Ms. Perl announced, “And we have a special going on, so its half-priced this week.”

“I’ll send it on over,” Taryn promised. “Thank you Ms. Perl!”

“You could just bring it in,” Ms. Perl wheedled, “We haven’t seen you in a while you know.”

Taryn grimaced at the thought, that would mean a clothes change, a wig she hadn’t brushed recently, and even that horrid prosthetic eye make-up.

“I’m so sorry MS. Perl, but I am just swamped at work all this week!”

“Oh well…*sigh* don’t be such a stranger dear!” Ms. Perl disappointedly signed off and left Taryn to send over an apologization coffee with the personal ad’s payment.

Two Days later the NortWest News landed on Janine Prezzio’s doorstop.

Hmm…’Thrill seeker looking for a partner. Must be willing to hold my lines while I soar.’

If this doesn’t get my brother out the house, I don’t know what will!”

What are YOU reading??

I am sitting at home today, my child sick with a fever, an upper respiratory infection and a stomach virus. I wish I could that I am reading the books I’ve been trying to read for the past week or two…instead I am working on trying to get the Science text lined out for lesson plans in between wiping short stuff’s leaky nose.

That is also what I’ve been able to write so far today, but the day is young so I’m hoping for a few minutes in the world of the Stone Dragons (Maybe in my writer’s loft?? I haven’t been up there in a month!) The good news is that I did write the week’s short story this weekend…I just didn’t get it typed up and published for you, so that should happen sometime today too. *phew* I have more to do than if I had gone to school!

What about you? Are you reading anything this week or is life seeming to overcome all of the reading and writing time you so desperately crave? Can’t wait to hear from you all!

Have a blessed Wednesday!

Looking for Ugly Bugs….OR, Ms. Tyree it’s staring at me!

Yesterday my science classes went on an ugly bug walk. Along the way we discovered many things about ourselves and each other. My prissy princesses ran amuck to grab the ugliest, nastiest bugs they could find while some of my more snips and snails type boys squealed and ran from a locust. I, on the other hand, caught a golf ball. His is name is Frederick Marie and my Dad made fast friends with him 😉

During the last class hour a woman came from the newspaper to snap a few pictures and copy down a line or two about just exactly what it was I had them doing (for the record, there will be microscopes and a contest involved!). I figured we would wind up in the middle of the Sunday paper so it was much to my surprise, and many others’ delight, that we were a featured front page story in today’s paper. The students are thrilled with it and I am super proud of them!

Maybe some day my picture in the paper will look like I’m smart…

For now though, I have to go…the praying mantis keeps looking at me and I’m having flash backs to season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! *shudders*






I just received the notice that today, September 10th, is my 1 year anniversary at Here There Be Dragons. I am AMAZED! I didn’t realize that I had been here that long…but then again, I kind of feel like I’ve been here forever. 


I love the interesting conversations and wonderful feedback that I have gotten into with this endeavor and I am looking forward to another year or fifty! Thank you for making it possible!

A Glimpse for Tuesday

I know that today is Tuesday and, therefore, a day generally left unused because I don’t have much to review (Or, if I’m being truthful, I’m just too lazy to write up the reviews). Well, I wrote up a quick review of Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Treehouse series last night, so I don’t even that to post up today…but I wanted to take moment to remind you that I’m here, I didn’t leave you, and I really am trying to get this all together so I can get back to the important parts of my day…writing and teaching writing!! 

To that end…I thought I would share with you just a little snippet from Dragons in the Deep. Here it is, in all of its first drafty glory…the first ever type up of Chapter 36 (isn) (Remember, the first 3 books in the series are waiting for you to read {and hopefully review!} at

“Eureka!” Joseph screeched, distracting Jason from his missing french fries by waving a computer print out and bouncing excitedly in his seat.

“Joseph!” Al started to shout at his friend, remembering at the las minute to add *awk* as an awkward afterthought. 

“Oh, hello Al,” Jo waved absentmindedly and offered up his plate, “Fry?”

“Your parrot eats french fries?” Garron leaned over the table, incredibly interested in such an oddity. 

“Yeah, yeah, he’s super special alright.” Jason snorted, blocking the well disguised dragon from stealing more of his food and glaring jealously at the Irishman leaning over Anna’s seat.

“I have a name you kn…AWK!” Al choked as Anna snatched him by the wings and pulled his feathered body forcibly to her lap. “*AWK* French Fry *AWK*”

“That’s all very interesting, I’m sure,” Z interjected, “But I think I’d rather discuss the parrot’s diet some other time since your artsy friend here seems as though he’s going to have a fit of some sort.”

“Oh Joseph!” Anna exclaimed, trying not to giggle at the almost catatonic look on her friend’s face. “Were we ignoring you again boss?”s