Real Southern Tea

She made me some real Southern tea, the kind that steeps for an hour in the sunshine and then fills your pores with a saccharine sweet goo that you feel for days. Her family was, of course, of the ‘old’ ways…a Darlin of the original Shreveport Darlins…and she knew how to play her part well.

That crafty old woman would be the death of me soon…I had that thought the first time I formally met her and, after an hour, was amazed at how a simple ‘bless her heart’ could be code for so many things…but I didn’t know just how true that mock premonition would turn out to be. I almost wish that ‘Ma’ Darlin had blessed my heart and sent me on my way to begin with, instead of grooming me to become her next protege. Of course, hind sight is twenty-twenty, especially from the grave. I do love her sweet tea though…


REAL Southern Comfort – Bless your heart


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