A Glimpse for Tuesday

I know that today is Tuesday and, therefore, a day generally left unused because I don’t have much to review (Or, if I’m being truthful, I’m just too lazy to write up the reviews). Well, I wrote up a quick review of Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Treehouse series last night, so I don’t even that to post up today…but I wanted to take moment to remind you that I’m here, I didn’t leave you, and I really am trying to get this all together so I can get back to the important parts of my day…writing and teaching writing!! 

To that end…I thought I would share with you just a little snippet from Dragons in the Deep. Here it is, in all of its first drafty glory…the first ever type up of Chapter 36 (isn) (Remember, the first 3 books in the series are waiting for you to read {and hopefully review!} at amazon.com/author/elizabethtyree)

“Eureka!” Joseph screeched, distracting Jason from his missing french fries by waving a computer print out and bouncing excitedly in his seat.

“Joseph!” Al started to shout at his friend, remembering at the las minute to add *awk* as an awkward afterthought. 

“Oh, hello Al,” Jo waved absentmindedly and offered up his plate, “Fry?”

“Your parrot eats french fries?” Garron leaned over the table, incredibly interested in such an oddity. 

“Yeah, yeah, he’s super special alright.” Jason snorted, blocking the well disguised dragon from stealing more of his food and glaring jealously at the Irishman leaning over Anna’s seat.

“I have a name you kn…AWK!” Al choked as Anna snatched him by the wings and pulled his feathered body forcibly to her lap. “*AWK* French Fry *AWK*”

“That’s all very interesting, I’m sure,” Z interjected, “But I think I’d rather discuss the parrot’s diet some other time since your artsy friend here seems as though he’s going to have a fit of some sort.”

“Oh Joseph!” Anna exclaimed, trying not to giggle at the almost catatonic look on her friend’s face. “Were we ignoring you again boss?”s

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