Friday Meanderings

When you spend time every day wondering what your life would have been if you had only changed one little thing, then there are 2 little things you can do:

1) Befriend a Time Lord or invent/steal a time machine to go back and tweak things


2) Write it OUT!

(Ok, Maybe you could also move on and if its that important to you try to change things now, but that’s not as fun)

Common wonderments among my family and friends are things like, “What would have happened if we had/hadn’t moved at that point?” “What if I had said yes/no to that job/date/car/etc.” and “What if I had followed through on that?”

That’s the kicker…What IF I had followed through. So here is the challenge to you, and to myself: FOLLOW THROUGH! Turn in the manuscript, apply for the scary awesome job, ask that guy out, buy the ticket. Whatever it is that you will regret letting slip away, or do regret letting slip away, go take care of it! And then, whenever you have a moment or two (whether it be at the beginning, middle, or end of the follow through) WRITE IT OUT! Tell the world, tell your friends, or lock it away, but write out how you feel now. That’s a way to birth great stories, both fiction and non, out of your own background. Or just to tell your family what you did in your life.

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Have a Blessed and Wonderful Weekend!

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