Updates and Giveaways

I haven’t done a Tyree Tomes update in a long while, but a few things happened/are happening that I wanted to pass along to you before I get to posting the short stories for this week AND last week (how I typed it but never posted it I do not know!).

1) this past week Dr. Tyree’s book giveaway totals surpassed last year’s 12 month total of 1268 books given away. As of last Wednesday (with a month remaining in the fiscal year) his total was up to 1389! This is very exciting for us because it is not only a part of his personal ministry….it is also something that can aid in literacy, an issue our entire family can get behind!

2) following that doozy of an announcement, all 4 of my 5th grade classes reached the required level of “Class Cup” points to receive their first reward so Dr. Tyree came and spent the day giving short pep talks over “practice makes better makes perfect” and entertaining my kids with percussion instruments!


The kids LOVED it, my principal LOVED it, and I got to give my students something fun. I call that a win/win/win situation!

3) Finally, in honor of the Fall season here in the States (even if tomorrow’s high here is 91 degrees) I am offering all of my published books for FREE on the kindle /e-reader app from tomorrow (October 6th) thru Wednesday (October 8th).
find them here

I hope you all have had a truly amazing weekend!


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