Last week’s Short Story

This is the short story that SHOULD have been posted last week. It’s not great, but here it is…

“Where’s Jo?”

“Where’s Jo?” Bill Baxly demanded, barreling in to his client’s home without a second thought.

“I haven’t seen her since the Major Meltdown last week,” Jess shrugged her shoulders and continued to hold the popcorn away from Eddie, too used to her roommate’s agent to be concerned with his rudeness.

“She’s locked in her room,” Freddie supplied, using the distraction to attempt yet another failed popcorn theft.

“She’s been in there for four days?” Bill roared, “Has anyone checked to make sure she’s alive? What could she possibly be doing in there? YOU TWO ARE HER BEST FRIENDS AND YOU JUST LET HER STAY IN THERE? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?”

“Chill out Bill,” Jess laughed in the face of his growls, “We’ve talked to her, she just isn’t ready to come out yet.”
“Yeah man, I left her breakfast by the door this morning and everything,” Fred bristled, forgetting the popcorn in his indignation. “I’ve texted her, and fed her, several times already today. What about you? Have you had any contact with her? You’re her AGENT Bill, why don’t you take some responsibility.”

“Well I…she didn’t…We had a meeting and she didn’t show up for it.” Bill stuttered, “I’m just her agent, I expect her to be responsible for herself.”

“She’s an artist!” Fred stood up and marched to stand directly in front of Bill’s face, “A multi-media author and artist who makes you an awful lot of money! If you want her to make it to meetings AND take responsibility for herself, maybe you should a) remind her of them and b) NOT ALLOW THINGS LIKE THURSDAY TO HAPPEN!”


“Bill,” The soft voice held an edge that caused all three of the pillow throwing screamers to stop in their tracks. “The so-called princess of Aldonia was a con-artist who caused a scene because I recognized her from school.”


“No,” Jo never raised her voice, never even glared, but the ‘no’ signal with her fingers and the soft steel of her voice seemed to leave no room for argument. “Now, I am going back to my room to finish the picture book I’ve been working on. Jess and Fred, eat something other than popcorn. Bill, let yourself out, learn to knock, and PLEASE check your e-mail for goodness sakes!”

Her door shut as quietly as it had opened, leaving her three friends staring after her with wide eyed worry.

“Did you see her HAIR?” Jess whispered in confused awe.

“I HEARD THAT!” Jo’s yell sent them scurrying away, off for lunch at an internet café.


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