What are YOU Reading??

I have missed a week or two, being so wrapped up in my small ‘family’ of students (82 at the moment) and my daughter (who is 2), but I have been reading the most interesting things! Mostly, I admit, written by 5th graders who could use some more spelling and grammar practice! However, I am excited to announce our first foray into short stories is starting off pretty well!

So this weekend, as I am wallowing in the time that I DON’T have to grade and procrastinating working on my novel (yay for 3 day weekends and carefully planned lessons with no papers to grade!) I will be starting to read a creepy ‘thriller’ written for middle grades by Mary Downing Hahn entitled Deep and Dark and Dangerous. I’ll let you know what I think 😉

Now it’s your turn to tell me what you think! Have you read something lately that just knocked your socks off…or knocked them back on? Did you need three glasses of wine and multiple Netflix breaks to get through the latest novel craze, or were you so entranced that you forgot the first glass?

I look forward to hearing your recommendations and/or adventures for this week. Have a blessed and wonderful rest of your week!

2 thoughts on “What are YOU Reading??

  1. My husband is a fifth grade teacher so I can totally relate to the “interesting” reads that he brings home from some of his students. Love it. I’m about to start back up a series I love, The Last Apprentice by Joseph DeLaney. It’s a little dark for a middle grade/YA series, but man I love them. My husband thought they would scare me – so I kept them at bay for a couple years. What was I thinking? If you haven’t tried them – give them a read. You might love them too.

    • I will have to check those out! I really need to be narcissistic and re-read the 3 I already have in print so I can really get down to 1) the re-print and 2) making sure book 4 has everyone it should have and includes the correct time frame…but I just really want to curl up with something I have been living with for my entire life lol.

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