Beyond IQ – The Review

*Full Disclosure* I received an e-copy of this book in exchange for an HONEST review.

Book: Beyond IQ: Scientific Tools for Training Problem Solving, Intuition, Emotional Intelligence, Creativity and More

Author: Garth Sundem


My initial reaction to this book was a lot of mixed feelings. As someone who has been labeled as highly intelligent (read…smarty pants) my entire life, I didn’t want to be told that other, non IQ related, parts of my brain could be more ‘real world’ specific. But the more I looked at the book, the more entranced I became.

Creativity, emotions, even that odd thing called ‘intuition’ can be TRAINED and USED to improve real world success. Once I really payed attention, I decided this could work. Mr. Sundem breaks down the areas of the brain (or areas of thinking), explains aspects of each area in question, and then provides a few exercises to train your brain for that particular area of thinking.

The exercises are fun and interesting brain workout while the reading sections intrigue me. I plan on going back to read this selection again soon! I give Beyond IQ 4 out of 5 dragons!

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