Salads in a Mason Jar?

update – The Salad is still crisp, looked pretty good, and would probably have more zing if I had not used sunflower seeds of dubious age. However…not a fail!

Here there Be Dragons!

Ok, I’m not usually one to blog specifically about my food. In fact, I’ve been on here over a year and this is maybe the third time I’ve specifically set out to write about food. That’s just not my niche, per se, though I do love to eat!

But I had to come on and tell you…I gave in to peer pressure. I know, I know, that’s not how it’s supposed to go. Just say No! And walk away…or change the conversation and distract people with my winning smile. Well, neither worked and I’ve been seeing more and more discussion of all things Mason Jar related (anyone else still just want to call them canning jars and make pickles? No, just me? Ok then…). Among those things have been an uprising of Mason Jar Food.

Snack sticks dipped in dressing and sealed tightly in a jar for later, legumes and…

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