Bedtime Story

“Once upon a time there was a little girl, whose mother made her a cape. Because of the cape’s color, everyone began to call the girl Red Riding Hood. One day Little Red Riding Hood was walking through the forest, carrying a basket of food for her Grandma…”

“Wait, she’s in the forest? ALONE?” Jessa squealed, hands over her gaping mouth.

“Yes, dear,” Mother sighed, “She’s walking alone in the forest, making her way down the path to Grandmother’s house.”

“But Grandma lives in the Glades.” Billy, Jessa’s twin, pointed out. “There’s no forest there. Just sand and old people doing water aerobics.”

“That’s where your Grandma lives Billy,” Mother spoke slowly and patiently, “But Red Riding Hood’s Grandma lived in a small cabin in a clearing. Red Riding Hood had to walk across the worn path and deep into the forest to visit her Grandmother. On this particular day, the little girl was skipping along with a basketful of breads and cakes, excited to visit her favorite person. Along the way she met a wolf, who very politely moved off of the path to allow her to pass by without stepping in brambles. ‘Where are you going, Little Red Riding Hood?’ he asked.”

“Wait, wait, wait,” Jessa sighed, “You must be skipping a part Mom. Wolves don’t speak English.”

“Sure they do,” Mother countered, “Maybe you just can’t understand them.”

“No Mom,” Billy reached over to take the book, as if he could read it to her, “They don’t speak at all. They just howl at stuff. Remember? We watched that Animal Planet special.”

“Oh that’s right,” Mother gave in and passed the book over, “My little 4 year olds are so smart! I can’t get anything by you two!”

“That’s right.” Jessa humphed and grinned, “Night Mommy.”

“Good night darlings.” Mother exchanged kisses and hugs, tucking in baby dolls and stuffed animals along with the valiantly struggling twins. “Enjoy the book.”

“How did it go?” Dad asked from his cozy spot on the couch.

“They didn’t accept Red as one of their own.” Mother flopped down, curling up against her husband. “But I didn’t have to read the llama book tonight.”

“Thats a plus,” Dad grinned down at Mother, their smiles turning to grimaces as a concerned shout came wafting down the hallway. “MOMMY MOMMY, WHAT IS GRANDMA DOING TO RED?”

“Oh my,” Mother slowly stood up and made her way back down the hall, “Full colored artwork and a classic storyline may not make for the perfect bedtime story after all.”

“Lesson Learned,” Dad muttered, returning to his channel surfing.

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From the Mouth…

Hello All! I just wanted to pop by and leave a giggle for your Sunday afternoon…

Today at lunch my daughter had finished eating and was trying to watch Netflix on the iPad while we finished up and got ready for devotional (our church does Class/Morning Services/Lunch/Afternoon Devotional…out for the day by 2).

As she was watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates, it froze and the spinning wheel of death didn’t come up. When asked if she had paused her show, Monkey stated that “No, it stopped because Hook was BAD!”

Look what you did Captain Hook…you stalled the entire process out by being naughty! No park for you today! 😉

May you all have a fun and frolic-y Sunday afternoon!

Hashtag Teacher Problems…

I have never, not once, felt that I should be doing this job. I know I do a decent job, I know I enjoy my job, and I know I love my students…but I am always concerned that I am not enough for my students. Somehow, I feel that I am a daily disappointment to them, even when I’m spot on and we’re all feeling the wave of knowledge soak us down.

Yesterday was worse. A student, one of the ones who I can’t say is my favorite because I don’t play favorites in my classroom thank you very much, got in trouble. Not just a little trouble, big randomly decided to tackle another student on the playground and I thought they would both be broken from the impact trouble. No one got hurt, but I still had to write people up and send them in to the Principal for excessive sassiness and rule breaking. I cried, not that the boys noticed.

That afternoon in ISD he wrote a two page almost legible essay about how everyone hates him and Ms. Tyree never comes to school (I missed 3 days last week due to illness). His final sentence begged to be sent to Middle School because he’s older than the rest of the kids in his class. Today he came in happy with me again but I can’t help but wonder what in the world is going on and if maybe, just maybe, I shouldn’t be the one in this position.

I’ve been told that this doubt makes me a good teacher That the doubt and stress I put on myself make me strive to do better and be better for my kids. I honestly doubt that as well because right now it is 10 am and I have already cried twice, had a major attitude attack about how a fellow teacher treated my student, and have a raging stress headache because I am suddenly not sure at all about our ability to pass the upcoming tests (writing test in less than a month…*cue hair pulling out!*)

Believe me, this post is nothing compared to my rants this morning. So please, keep me in your prayers and thoughts throughout the next few weeks. Compassion may kill me yet!

Narcissistic Joy

I want to share something with you that just happened in my classroom. However, I want to first warn you that the title of this post is not misleading in the least…I am filled to overflowing with a narcissistic glee!

You see, I knew coming in to this job that my writing time would suffer and that through said suffering my book sales would probably be down. I am not a famous author, it is enough for me (for now) to share my words and lessons in a small environment and over my blog. However, I have 80 students who know I am an author and who enjoy hearing the way I would write things. That is a pretty great ego bump in and of itself.

Now we come to today…when I had to tell a student to please but his book away and pay attention to class. As he put the book away I caught a glimpse of the cover and had to stop a moment. Because that bright purple cover had the picture I took on the front, and my face on the back. Then I had to pinch myself, literally, because I had just told a student to pay attention to my lesson and put away a book I had written. THE BOOK, in fact. THE BOOK that started me on this path. Yes, I had written other books, other children’s stories, other short stories, but Dragon on My Neck pushed me further and started me developing one of my true loves: The Stone Dragon Saga.

So let me bask for another minute or two and just repeat for you:

I HAD TO TELL A STUDENT TO PUT ME UP SO HE COULD PAY ATTENTION TO ME! I HAD A STUDENT PAYING ATTENTION TO MY WRITTEN WORDS INSTEAD OF MY SPOKEN WORDS. That is a heady experience ladies and gentlemen, a heady and amazing experience. I truly hope you all get to experience something like that in your lives. *PHEW* Ok, I think I’m done for now. At least until the car ride home…my mother and aunt are trapped with me for over an hour’s commute! *cue evil laughter here*




Dream Dissertation

I have been diagnosed with strep throat and told to stay home and rest as much as possible until Monday (when I’ll be allowed to go back to my classroom). So this morning, just like yesterday morning, I silenced my 5:23 am alarm and went back to sleep. That’s when my ‘dissertation’ dream started up again.

Now I usually dream odd dreams with bright colors and friends. Sometimes I am a character that has been pushing at my mind, other times I’m just me working through daily issues or having a drink at the local coffee house while my friends and I geek out. But I do, rarely, have a dream in which I’ve followed my heart and returned to school. Though I have not yet even begun my Master’s program, last night’s dream had me dissertating on a doctoral level. The basis of my dissertation?

The impact of J. R. R. Tolkien vs. Albert Einstein in the evolution of Children’s Literature.

Let that soak in for a minute…my sub-concious is apparently much smarter than I am. J.R.R. Tolkien vs. Albert Einstein in Children’s Lit—there were Orcs and the 1st law of Motion being tossed around in the mix as if I was only talking about whether red or blue is better for kitchen cabinets.

ALAS! That’s all I can remember because I began to cough so hard that even dream Beth had trouble concentrating. Which is not good, she’s a lot meaner than I am when it comes to interrupted writing. I’m sure to be hearing about it during nap time!

Have you ever dreamed of writing? Or maybe pursuing your waking dreams? Tell me about it! I would LOVE to hear from you!

how much force would an orc carry in travel? These are the questions my sleep self asked...

how much force would an orc carry in travel? These are the questions my sleep self asked…

Block by Block

*Disclaimer – I was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Photo on 1-15-15 at 4.22 PM

Nicky Epstein has provided knitters a book in which blocks take on the form of fun and amusing accessories. In Knitting Block by Block beginners (or in my case, EXTREME beginners) can learn to take that one painstakingly pieced block and turn it into a toy or edge piece, while those more advanced can learn new designs and how to create anything from scarves to shirts to cardigans out of them. Goodbye using spare practice blocks as washrags or blanket bits! HELLO interesting and self-expressive clothing options!

Though I have just taken up knitting and still have not, as of today, been able to completely finish even one row; I am excited to progress and make several of the 150 block patterns listed. My mother, an incredibly accomplished knitter, is already looking for the right yarn to use in re-creating several of the designs listed and my daughter, who is two and not allowed around knitting needles yet, has expressed her interest in several of the bright and beautiful pictures.Photo on 1-15-15 at 4.22 PM #2

In short, the women of my family are enthralled and I should probably get to practicing my needlework! I give the photography and easy-to-read instructions of this book 5 out of 5 crafting dragons! Photo on 1-15-15 at 4.22 PM #3

Teaching Voiceless

I have lost my voice. If I talk above a whisper I either sound like James Earl Jones or Alvin (of Chipmunk Fame). I have 82 5th grade students, many of them 10-13 yr old boys. You would think that this day would both begin and end in disaster. However, so far those rambunctious boys are the ones holding me together. They have taken leadership roles, helping me to make announcements, corral talkative pre-teens, and even volunteered to pass out papers and clean up the class. They even modeled writing!

I am so proud of ‘my’ not so little terrors right now. They are going to be so mad at themselves when I’m better but I still expect them to step up like this! *cue evil and maniacal laughter*

Now if I can only stop squeaking and sounding like I’m crying every time I cough or try to speak above a whisper…Where did that hot tea go?