Rankings and other Nonsense

I don’t write for rankings, I don’t write for money, and I don’t write for accolades. I write for me, and you, and my students, and my family, and that little boy down the street. I write for the dragons who live in my head and refuse to be silenced until I have a pen in my hand and their story unfolding. I write for my own selfish sanity. I don’t write for critics.

All of that being said, however, it is nice to wake up on my birthday (yes folks, I’m officially out of those crazy twenties todays!) and find a 5 star review for my first novel; Dragon on My Neck. That book is my baby, much more so than any of the others I have out right now. I won my first NaNoWriMo with him, went through stacks of rejections with him, and chose the Indie Author life with him. Without DoMN I might not be here. So seeing the recognition there is always amazing…especially today! Then I popped over and checked my rankings.

According to Amazon.com I am ranked at 534,351st on the most popular authors list. I’m not sure how many authors there actually are…but well over 1,000,000 (There are over 12 MILLION books on Amazon so probably much more than that). On the whole, I am feeling very blessed and excited this morning. I was able to write a couple of chapters this weekend, got a good review, and I’m not ranked last on Amazon! Happy Birthday to Me!

What makes you feel blessed and motivated on a Monday morning? I want to know!

5 thoughts on “Rankings and other Nonsense

  1. Cindi says:

    I love every morning because I am a morning person. I guess Monday’s are special because they follow Sunday, and I have gotten my spiritual boost for the week. Happy Birthday. Doesn’t seem possible you should be 30!! I am glad you got a good review and rankings that please you. Keep on keeping on!!! Love you!!!

    • I don’t believe I’m 30 either! But Mother and the hospital paperwork are certain that’s the case. I don’t enjoy mornings (I”m sure you remember that!) but I love late afternoons and evenings. including up to around 2am! They make me feel alive and creative in ways the sunrise never seems to accomplish.

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