Scratch Paper

I enjoy seeing all of the different ways that my students fill their scratch paper for math testing. Some go top left to top right, then on to the next row. Some start in the upper left hand corner, go down to the lower left hand corner, then proceed across, up, back, etc. creating an ‘L’, ‘square’ and/or maze of numbers.

Some begin in the center and work their way out. Some even create giant pictograms with their equations (the most popular seems to be a smiley face!).

I have never doubted the creativity needed for writing, but then I’ve always considered myself both to be creative and to be an author. Science…well scientists HAVE to be creative to discover the war to discovery.

Reading broadens the spectrum of imagination and knowledge…helping to create creativity. But I never saw the ‘logical’ practices as being particularly creative (or logical really) until now.

Maybe my students are just that amazing. Either way, the extreme creativity that can be found within even the ‘strictly’ logical practices is beginning to astound me!

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