Highland Park Presents is FREE from RIGHT NOW until Midnight Friday night.

This book is a compilation of short stories written by my Fifth Graders in Oklahoma and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to show them that their book is traveling across the world.

I cannot promise perfect literature, but I can promise interesting and surprising stories that were created by hard working and talented 10-13 yr olds.

Give it a look and make a Fifth Grader’s day!

30 thoughts on “FREE KINDLE BOOK!

    • We appreciate this so much! They had to go through the entire process. My Dad and I are both authors and have a super small editing ‘company’ that then self-publishes our work so we took them through the step by step with this. But they still don’t believe it will go further than our own corner of the the Plains. Thank you for showing them otherwise!

  1. Merci beaucoup! Your story has traveled here to the south of France and I shall share it with friends down under in OZ, the UK and a few other Countries and a few states in America. It is nice to know that there are teachers out there who would nurture their students in such a way!
    It is a shame you are not on LinkedIn as I could post it there. I am not nor do I choose to be on Facebook. Bonne chance! Léa

    • Merci! (that’s the only French I know, sorry!). We are so excited that you saw this and choose to share! I will check in to the LinkedIn…I don’t blame you for not being on Facebook!

      • Not a problem as I was born and educated there. My Master’s Degree in Psychology is from University of San Francisco but I have lived in Oklahoma. If you or any of your students care to check out one of my blogs, there is nothing x rated.
        The last post I did was on Poisson d’Avril what you call April Fools and give the origin to the day. It will tell you why the word Poisson (fish) is used. 😉 Léa

      • It was in the 1980’s so I’m not sure if I remember Woodward. We did move around a bit then back to California. However, before Oklahoma, we were in NYC for nearly six years. Now I am on my own but keep in touch with the family and have been adopted by my beautiful village. Bonne chance avec la live (good luck with the book). 😉

      • About 1 1/2 from Ponca. France sounds as though it was incredibly welcoming and definitely a beautiful place to live! I’ve always wanted to visit for the inspiration I’m sure is awaiting me!

      • If you look through the blog, you will find my village and many of the places around France that I have visited. I am always searching for the next place. I think anyone with an open mind and heart would be welcome here.

    • Fabulous! Thank you so much! If you would like to send a story or two of your daughter’s to me, I would be happy to read them to my classes so hers reach across as well!

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    Free Kindle book written by Oklahoma 5th graders. Download your copy and show your support for their efforts. Show them their book is being read around the world.

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