Highland Park Presents is FREE from RIGHT NOW until Midnight Friday night.

This book is a compilation of short stories written by my Fifth Graders in Oklahoma and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to show them that their book is traveling across the world.

I cannot promise perfect literature, but I can promise interesting and surprising stories that were created by hard working and talented 10-13 yr olds.

Give it a look and make a Fifth Grader’s day!


30 thoughts on “FREE KINDLE BOOK!

  1. Merci beaucoup! Your story has traveled here to the south of France and I shall share it with friends down under in OZ, the UK and a few other Countries and a few states in America. It is nice to know that there are teachers out there who would nurture their students in such a way!
    It is a shame you are not on LinkedIn as I could post it there. I am not nor do I choose to be on Facebook. Bonne chance! Léa

    • Merci! (that’s the only French I know, sorry!). We are so excited that you saw this and choose to share! I will check in to the LinkedIn…I don’t blame you for not being on Facebook!

      • Not a problem as I was born and educated there. My Master’s Degree in Psychology is from University of San Francisco but I have lived in Oklahoma. If you or any of your students care to check out one of my blogs, there is nothing x rated.
        The last post I did was on Poisson d’Avril what you call April Fools and give the origin to the day. It will tell you why the word Poisson (fish) is used. 😉 Léa

      • It was in the 1980’s so I’m not sure if I remember Woodward. We did move around a bit then back to California. However, before Oklahoma, we were in NYC for nearly six years. Now I am on my own but keep in touch with the family and have been adopted by my beautiful village. Bonne chance avec la live (good luck with the book). 😉

      • About 1 1/2 from Ponca. France sounds as though it was incredibly welcoming and definitely a beautiful place to live! I’ve always wanted to visit for the inspiration I’m sure is awaiting me!

      • If you look through the blog, you will find my village and many of the places around France that I have visited. I am always searching for the next place. I think anyone with an open mind and heart would be welcome here.

    • Fabulous! Thank you so much! If you would like to send a story or two of your daughter’s to me, I would be happy to read them to my classes so hers reach across as well!

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    Free Kindle book written by Oklahoma 5th graders. Download your copy and show your support for their efforts. Show them their book is being read around the world.

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