Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Creatively

Last week I gave you 7 quotes that I felt best summed up the world of the writer, by writers an for writers. This week I want to expand our look at quotes in a discussion about Creativity. How many times as  you said, or heard someone say, something along the lines of “Oh I just can’t write/paint/dance/etc right now, I don’t feel creative (or inspired)?” What about “I don’t know how I made that piece, it was a creative muse…”?

When you aren’t in the moment, those sentences sound a little odd right? Kind of like cop-outs or excuses, either for not working or for everything you make not being as “brilliant” as one particular piece. However, and please forgive my bluntness here, these lines and countless others just like them, are a big CROCK! They were invented by people who were feeling lazy, or guilty, or bemused…people who needed the reprieve from questions.

Imagine with me, if you will: You have a delightful little artist’s home with white washed steps leading down to the beach from your back door and a front window over looking the local bustle. Perfection, right? But then your next door neighbor’s third cousin twice removed asks you five times in a row what, exactly, you’re working on right now and you just kind of snap. It’s either say ‘well the muse isn’t with me at the moment so….” or knock them on their backside and dirty up their toga. So you use the muses as an excuse, it catches on, you stay out of trouble, and your descendants have a built in excuse.

Interesting, right? Well how about this, you say your creativity is low because the ‘muse’ isn’t with you or your lunch wore off too quickly…Albert Einstein says that “Creativity is Just Intelligence Having Fun.” So then the question is, did he qualify that statement? Is the next line, “but only if you have had your coffee, your blood sugar is perfect, your nap kicked in, and the muse is dancing beside you.” NOPE! It ends with one line. One little quote to let you know, creativity is its own form of intelligence, dancing through your mind and coursing through your veins. Not to say there isn’t a cycle, mind you, but that the excuses aren’t doing anyone any good, especially you!

If all you are doing is making excuses, then I have to ask you: Do you really love to write (or create) at all? Is this one of those middle school relationships where you thought you wanted to hold hands and be cool, to be able to say “I’m dating…” but in reality you still just want to curl up, watch cartoons, and eat greasy food without having to worry about some other person wanting you to look cool, pretty, or less shiny? If it is, that’s fine. Not everyone is cut out to do what we do. But think about this, in the Princess Bride Wesley calmly and sweetly continues to bear the brunt of Buttercup’s harassment until, miraculously, one day she realizes that “As You Wish” means, “I love you.” And then, amazingly, she realizes she loves him too. They have a hard road, filled with choppy ocean waves, pirates, kidnappings, evil princes, and even DEATH (two or three times really) and yet, in the end, their love prevails. IF you LOVE something or someone that much, then that is truth. That is where you should be. If you LOVE writing like Farm Boy loves his boss, then you should be a writer. You may never see anything come from it, but that’s ok Because:

Finally, remember that it does not matter what you are good at. It matters what you love to do. If you are passionate about what you do, that love will shine through and maybe, just maybe, it will create that bubble around you that allows you to continue without losing your love of the art of your job. Yes, you may have to ‘work’ at something else as well. In fact, you may have to ‘work’ incredibly hard at being able to just keep at what you love. However, as a very wide woman (who knew a thing or two about being in love with what you do) once said:

Happy Wednesday ya’ll! And remember…if you have any favorite quotes by writers, for writers, or that can be squidged in somehow to be about writing…blog it out! (or, if you don’t have your own blog….pass them to me and I’ll pop ’em in!) Tag it ‘Writer’s Quote Wednesday so we can find you and then give us some great insight or cutesy sayings. We love it all! Check out my buddy Silver Threading for more details, since this her brain baby. May your inspiration, creativity, and writing utensils always be close at hand and may the Lord Bless you, always.

4 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Creatively

  1. Silver Threading says:

    These are all fabulous quotes. I love the way your mind thinks! Thanks for sharing all this excellent inspiration!!! ❤

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