Goals at a Glance 8/9 – 8/15

I think I may have tried to start this a while back and then didn’t stick with it…sounds like something I would do anyway! So here it is, I’m going to list out my goals for the week. Sounds simple right? Like I should be able to just say what I’m going to do and go on without much to-do about it? Well, it might be that simple for most people but I tend to garble, forget, or postpone my to-do list unless I have something or someone pushing me on (nicely).

Since I thought that, perhaps, some of you may be the same about your goals, I decided to share mine and encourage you to either post a list of your own (in the comments or on your blog) OR whatever else it takes to have the accountability you need. Little things really help me to ignore the big writing things, so having accountability will hopefully help me reach all of my goals without sacrificing the reading portion.

Weekly Goals:

  1. Write and upload the next 3 chapters of Vocabulary/Lesson Ideas/Quizzes for Dragon on My Neck
  2. Write at least one new chapter for Dragons in the Deep
  3. Write at least one new chapter for Paulonious Punk
  4. Wash, dry, and PUT AWAY laundry (its that last part…gets me every time)
  5. Work on creating Monkey’s pdf files for the book
  6. Create new cover them for Stone Dragon books
  7. Sew Monkey’s birthday presents
  8. Clean Monkey’s Playroom (She’s almost 3, MAKE HER HELP!)
  9. Finally watch the end of those 3 different seasons of shows on Netflix…it’s been a while Elizabeth, get ‘er done.
  10. Sew bibs and various cute and super nerdy baby things. College friend baby #1 will be here in 2 months woman! Niece and or nephew in 7…get on it!
  11. Crochet hoodie for Monkey.
  12. Edit…
  13. Write at least 3 blog posts *not counting today’s*

Thirteen things…I can handle this! What about you?

8 thoughts on “Goals at a Glance 8/9 – 8/15

  1. You got this. Here is my list for the read
    1. Work full-time Mon-Fri 10-7am shift (boring)
    2. Work on a ghostwriting piece that I’m doing.
    3. Write a 20 page paper due Sunday
    4. Read You by Caroline Kepnes ( this book is giving me life right now)
    5. Make 2 more youtube videos for my channel
    6. Prepare to start writing my new book

  2. Cindi says:

    Go to my aerobics class on MW (One down already)
    Send at least 3 cards (with notes inside) to people who need encouragement
    Have lunch with a friend who is currently home bound.
    Track all of my eating/exercise on My Fitness Pal. (Today is day 13!!)
    Try to reflect the Fruit of the Spirit everyday!!! (Always working on this!!)
    Sort through at least 4 cabinets and get rid of things I haven’t used in the 2 1/2 years we have lived here.
    Fix lunch for the RA’s at the college on Thursday. (Homemade Wendy’s chili!!)

    Keep up the good work, Beth!!!

    • Thank you! the ‘like’ button should be available in two places: the upper left hand of the screen, next to the ‘follow’ button and at the bottom of the post, next to the ‘share it’ icons

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