Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Confidently

Welcome to Writer’s Quote Wednesday! As always, if you decide you want to join in, leave me a note as to your favorite quote pertaining to my topic…Or Choose your own topic, title your post Writer’s Quote Wednesday so we can find you, and (most importantly) Have Fun!

This week I want to talk to you guys a little about confidence; both in yourself and in your work. If you are creating what you want to create and loving the chances you have to do so, you should be confident about it! Sometimes, however, what happens is that we create and we love it but then our concerns get in the way. We think ‘what if I’m too close to project” or “what if this hair cut looks terrible and detracts from my audience’s belief in me” and so forth and so on. It almost never stops! Those of us who create also crave for our creations to be seen, understood, and adored so we worry that they will not be. I know that this happens without our consent, but it is up to us…It is up to YOU to make sure that the bouts of self deprecation and doubt are kicked to the curb as soon as possible!

Because as an artistic, yet unknown, soul once said:

And yes I know that sometimes you look around at friends, co-workers, or the random new author to hit it big and wonder what it is they have that you don’t have. Why is it that the simpering idiot who can’t complete a sentence properly now has a book deal? WHY? But I want you to stop, back up, and think about this for a minute. All you’re doing is hurting yourself and causing your own confidence to plummet. I guarantee you that the person you’re so focused on right now how better things to do than worry about your issues…like going to book signings and parties in their honor. So you help them. I know that sounds weird, but share their links, congratulate them, be happy for them! Hopefully the end result is that more people pay attention to what YOU have to say as well. Win/win situation.

While you think about that, I think I’m going to leave you with three final quotes. These are all by one of my favorite artists and a man who may have known a thing or two about low self-esteem: Vincent Van Gogh

I write because it is who I am. Whether or not anyone believes that what I do and who I am will be able to make it ‘big’..whether or not I even believe I’ll be famous one day…does not matter a wit. I write because the more I write, the more stories I pour out, the more I become myself. The more confidence I have in myself.

  So have the confidence to SHARE the Flame! Don’t just let people pass you by and never know what amazing talents you have hidden away. Don’t just blow smoke!

Every time that little niggling voice poops up and tells me I cannot write to save a life, I snatch up a pen (in ink colored to match my current story of course!) and write at least one sentence. One sentence to scream “YES I CAN!” At that voice. To knock it down and out and crawling back to the black abyss it hides in. I AM AN AUTHOR, THE WORDS LIVES IN ME!

Yes I do know how to count, but this was too good to leave out! Pretend it is connected to one of the others please. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Confidently

    • Judging from the ‘general knowledge’ most people have about the man, I am not surprised that you were surprised!
      He was very much in touch with the demons that tore him apart daily.

      Thank you! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it.

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