Weekly Goals 8/24-8/29

Because yesterday was my daughter’s birthday, and the beginning of my week long experimental super sale for Dragon on My Neck (Kindle Countdown Deals…this book will be at 99cents all week long!) and the free give away for the other 5 books in my current available listing, I didn’t quite get around to setting up my to-do list for the week. Let me tell you, it isn’t any less full because Sunday has been marked off already!

I did finish most of last week’s goal list, so I won’t bore you with going back over it (If you really liked last week’s format, let me know and I’ll go back telling you what I did and didn’t get finished).

Weekly Goals:

  • Typical household chores (Monkey wrangling, sink emptying, clothes cleaning, etc)
  • Write at least one lesson plan a day (new freelance contract!!!)
  • Write at least a chapter of Punk
  • Write at least a chapter of Dragons in the Deep (that totally didn’t get finished last week. *sigh*)
  • Have a GREAT Giveaway!! (That’s mostly up to you guys…help a writer out?? 😀 )
  • Sew my skirt (It’s been half-done for a week)
  • Play my new Guitar Hero (Aerosmith) and Rock Band (Beatles) games! (Hey, everyone needs a brain break every now and then!)
  • Work on finally producing a Tyree Tomes and/or Dr. Tyree Book Trailer
  • Work on getting the final short story compilation and the adult picture book put together and hopefully posted.
  • Revamp Leonard (again!) because this whole kid’s picture book thing is HARD!

There’s my list. Yes, my entire life is basically writing, wrangling, writing, and washing…all the W’s.

What is your list? Are you spending all week working away on little projects, or is there a big project you’re dying to let us know about?? I can’t wait to hear, whatever it is!
Have a great week everyone!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Goals 8/24-8/29

  1. Cindi says:

    Along with my regulars, I will learn at least 10 students names…and match them with their faces. I box their mail so I am familiar with the names, but not always the face that goes with it. Have a good week Beth!!!

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