Bonus Quotes – From This Author.

I was talking to an old friend this morning and teased them about ‘having no words’ to respond with. The answer “Oh I have words, I have plenty of words…they’re just not useful,” made me start to think…and then made me get a little poetic on my poor friend as began to expound on my opinion that words are never plain useless. The only response afterward became “So says the writer…” which, if you think about it, is kind of awesome.

However, since today is Writer’s Quote Wednesday I thought that I would throw my own ‘quote’ into the mix. Maybe someday this will grace memes and Pinterest boards across the world. Or, at least, across my computer.

Words Need Not Be Useful:

Not everything that I write is useful.

In fact, it is very often that I write merely because I enjoy the swirl of words in my body, tripping over my tongue, running down my fingers, and dripping either prettily or messily onto the page.

It Is Soul Stained Ink on Paper Dreams. 

It is anything I want it to be. And anything you want it to be, anything the reader needs it to be. And very often incredibly useless to anyone else.

Elizabeth S. Tyree 

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