New Children’s Zoo Will Be First Major Expansion

As some of you know, My family and I are working on a picture book that will, hopefully, become a series of picture books featuring Leonard the Lemur. I have also made mention that after almost a decade of searching for the right ‘home base’ for Leonard, I had finally found the perfect park that I would be proud to link our names with (And they already have a Lemur named Leonard…PERFECTION!).
Well welcome to that park! Tanganyika has loving and attentive keepers, happy employees, and beautiful animals who are obviously well cared for and happy with their home. Give them a look, go check their wish lists on ( visit Kansas on your next trip, and show them some love! These guys deserve it!


At Tanganyika’s annual benefit event, the Twilight Tour, Assistant Director Matt Fouts shared his vision for Tanganyika’s future. Fouts wowed the audience with illustrations of future attractions, new exhibits, and current exhibits reimagined.

 Tanganyika has always been on the cutting edge of animal interaction and inventive exhibits with current exhibits including Lemur Island, and pygmy hippo and rhino feeding Stations. Fouts’ presentation showed that Tanganyika will once again reach for new and brilliant heights in animal encounters. Fouts showed plans for an expanded Children’s Zoo area with an otter exhibit, a meerkat exhibit integrated into a gemstone mining experience, a new education building, an expanded playground, and multiple water features including a splash park.

 “We firmly believe in strengthening the connection between people and animals, especially children,” said Fouts. “That is why it was clear to us to build an incredibly interactive Children’s Zoo.  We have been visiting zoos across…

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