Two Sides to the Story…

The past few weeks have been a terrible time to live in my head…things felt shattered, separated, and even a bit numb. However, the good news is that it sparked another small bout of creativity. Today I thought I would share that creativity with YOU, lucky friends, in the form of two writing prompts. One is from the feminine perspective, while the other is decidedly male.

If you choose to use one or both, please let me know! If you post them somewhere, leave a link so we can go see how you’ve woven them into your own stories!

Feminine Voice Prompt – I have found that sometimes, when I’m feeling scared, shattered, or hurt, that I do not want to be the strong queen. Rather, I would like to be the damsel in distress who is quickly saved by a dashing prince or brave knight. The problem is that my knight in shining armor is often off fighting his own battles.

Male Voice Prompt – Sometimes this knight in shining armor gig just doesn’t seem worth it. I’m off, minding my own business and slaying whatever I’m after when BOOM! I get in trouble for not being their to save the queen when she suddenly turned into a damsel in distress. How in the world was I supposed to know? Now look, my shield had a bite take out of it and my beard is singed.

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