Windemere Monsters: Doppelgangers

Very interesting and much different from the dopplegangers being used in some television shows right now 😉

Legends of Windemere

Doppelganger for D&D Doppelganger for D&D

Who really knows how many Doppelgangers have appeared in the Legends of Windemere series?  Not many because revealing several main characters have been copies of the originals for most of the adventure is stupid.  I mean, could you imagine being invested in something for so long and then find that the characters you love are not really them?  (Any comic fans know what ‘big event’ I’m poking fun at here?)

These creatures might be in the wild, but nobody really knows.  There have been times when a hunter kills an animal only to see it transform.  Doppelgangers have bluish green skin that is slick to the touch and no facial expressions.  Yet it does have a mouth, which appears to bite a ‘victim’ and absorb their form and memories.  It is never a perfect change due to the mental aspect.  Many times a Doppelganger will take on…

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