Writer Quote Wednesday – Burtonisms

This is a weekly challenge posted by the incredible Colleen over on her blog, Silver Threading. See this week’s post HERE. Now Silver Threading has partnered up with Ronovan Writes so that Writer Quote Wednesday and #BeWoW (Be Wonderful on Wednesday) are connected! I am excited to begin participating in Ronovan’s #BeWoW movement…(and as a reviewer but that news can wait 😀 ). Check out #BeWoW right HERE

On to the Quotes! Since this is October 28th and Halloween, my favorite holiday, is coming up quickly, I thought I would focus on one of my favorite film directors, producers, artist, author, and animator…Tim Burton! His dark whimsical style is, to me, at once magical, macabre, and memorable. I mean, come on, how many other people can you think of that are capable of creating such amazingly different and creepy places…and then making even the most stoic of scary movie goers fall in love with the romances he seamlessly weaves into it. As long as you try to ignore the amount of times he’s had his best mate, Johnny Depp, kill his wife, Helena Bonham Carter, in his movies.

This beautifully hand drawn piece by freutcake.com is quite suitable for an equally beautiful quote from the Gothic Grandiose….Dream your dreams, pursue your vision, and allow yourself to succeed!

Some people need to hide who they are every day and only appear really and truly for Halloween…and then some of us are merely weird, strange, and wonderfully different all year long. I am proud to be a ‘some of us…’ Beautiful and true…at least for me. What about you?

Finally…we are all somehow deeply connected to whatever it is that shaped us up. The things we saw as a child, whether they are good or not so great, move us. I have an affinity for 80s cartoons and flannel…I was born in ’85. What are you holding on to?

8 thoughts on “Writer Quote Wednesday – Burtonisms

  1. Silver Threading says:

    Love it! You always have such a great way of talking about subjects! I too, love Halloween. Your quotes are perfect for this time of year. The one that I loved best is the one about feeling like a foreigner. Well done! ❤

    • My favorite part of that quote is that it was referencing both being a creative type, and how he felt growing up. He has been said to have told people he believes (as does his wife) that he falls on the Autism Spectrum…most likely with Aspergers. Which totally explains A LOT in my mind.

      • Silver Threading says:

        There is a distinct creative genius apparent to me. I identified with ‘not’ being like other people. 💖

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