*Free*Short Stories

I just wanted to let you guys know that two of my short story compilations are free for Today (November 17th) and Tomorrow (November 18th)

Short Story Sundays is the first in the Short Story Supposition series. I challenged myself to write one short story a week in the year 2014. Ray Bradbury said you could not write 52 bad ones in a row…I was either going to prove him right or terribly wrong! Most of these short stories are also archived on my blog, but I compiled them into 4 month segments…the final book having not been released as of yet.


Short Story Sundays includes such stories as The Fixer Upper: you may be fixing the house but is it changing you too?, The Cat/The Yarn: have you ever thought about that game from a different perspective?and Leaving: A young woman’s struggle to get on the train. 

Summer Sundays is the second compilation of the Short Story Supposition series. The stories contained in this book were written in the hot sunshine of May, June, July, and August 2014.

summer Sundatys

Including stories like The Inscription, a story about a a book changing lives, Mad Monday: a teacher makes important decisions with homonyms, and Trees, the story of a little jealousy and a lot of tree hugging genius, Summer Sundays is a quick read to delight your many moods.


*I typically don’t warn you about things with these give aways…but the formatting on Summer Sundays has been a problem for me. Some of the e-readers showcase it perfectly and some of them have the stories smashed together in an almost unrecognizable rush. I am working on it, but for this give away the changes will not have taken affect. Thank you!*

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