Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Welcome to the December 16th edition of Be Writing with Quotes on Wednesdays! (A.K.A. BeWow and Writer’s Quote Wednesdays)

For more information and some great quotes go check out the proprietors of this phenomenon Silver Threading  and Ronovan Writes

I found the following 3 quotes and have been holding on to them for this week’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday and BeWOW because they seem to fit so well with each other, and with Silver’s Christmas gift quote request.

First we have:


When we choose to become writers, artists, accountants…whatever it is we are…we are locating our true selves, our gifts. In the case of artists and authors, we then give it away by letting the world see what we have. It is a very odd and heady thing.

Next is:


When we find that gift, our meaning of life as Picasso called it, then we must not neglect it. Focused attention isn’t just the way to a person’s heart or apartment, it’s the way to perfect our gifts and let them shine. Do you really want to give away a dirty, shabby, frayed present?

And Finally:


I think this speaks for itself and I know that this is at least something that I hope and pray for with my writing. Whether it be the picture books, the YA, or the Adult novels I’m working on, I have a yearning deep down inside that my writing or the story of my writing will do this for someone someday. 

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