Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Welcome to the first Writing Quote Wednesday of the year 2016! Phew…I don’t know how I’m in 2016 already but I do know that if you want to take part in our little weekly party, you can head over to Silver Threading to see the rules for Writer’s Quote Wednesdays and talk to RonovanWrites about #BEWOW.

This week I want to share with you a quote that jumped out at me because of my friends. You see, I shared the beginning of a contest entry with 3 friends (who had requested to see what I was working on) and their reactions were as follows:

  1. Pretty good. It’s almost to perfect…just needs a few tweaks.
  2. Hey, I love the way you write and this is pretty decent. Just work on it a little.
  3. THIS IS SO INTENSE, I LOVE IT! You’ve written this story to perfection.

Friend #1 has been a writer before, though they have mostly stopped at this point, and looked at it from the author’s perspective.

Friend #2 reads voraciously and has taken up my bad habit of grammar policing. They looked at it from the perspective of an editing type.

Friend #3 just enjoys reading for the sake of the story and read from the perspective of a joyous audience member, a reader just wanting to know what happened next.

Through their eyes I saw what needed worked on, what needed lost, and what needed to stay exactly as it was. Then I began to look at quotes for this week’s post and almost immediately saw:


“THAT’S IT!” I cried, “The perfect quote! I’ve been writing…been pushing through a story I’m almost afraid to tackle. A pre-fairy tale fairy tale. A mythical origin story, if you will, and this…OH THIS! This quote is exactly what I needed. Take chances, get it down, and don’t worry about having to ‘tweak’ it later or how it ‘might be perfect if you…’ just WRITE!”

So that is today’s advice, ladies and gentlemen, Just Write. Just put down the story stomping and swirling through your membranes and, once it is all written down and glorious in it’s unedited range of possibly not quite horrendousness, then you edit it. Only then do you need to be concerned with editing. Get it down, then get it right. This isn’t brain surgery, it’s world writing.

Until next Time…Have a Blessed and Wonderful week!


7 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday

  1. Silver Threading says:

    Oh, my gosh you are so right! I agree with you 100%! If you don’t write it, how can you tell it? It seems so simple, yet so difficult. Cheers to you my friend. You are on the right track. Great quote. Just wanted we all need to kick us in the butt to WRITE! ❤

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