A Game of Thrones Reader’s Diary Pt. 3

A Game of Thrones

Reader’s Diary

Week 3: 203-304


Tyrion is preparing to leave the Wall in the morning. After being begged to bring the plight of the brothers in black to the king, he chooses to walk the wall and see the ‘end of the world’ one last time. As he’s walking, he runs across Jon Snow, who taxes him with messages for Winterfell. An odd little interval chapter that I’m sure will be important later on.


Arya doesn’t understand everything that’s happening and feels guilty over Lady, Mycah, and Nymeria. Her sister won’t speak with her, the men she once thought of as family and protectors are now men she can’t stand to be around. Her depression and guilt are crushing her and she acts out. I understand that immensely. When her father comes she, like I, thought there would be a blow up, a punishment. Instead, there is a tired old man giving his daughter a lesson she shouldn’t have had to bear yet. A few days later come the lessons she’s been secretly hoping for. 😛




Ok, so that aside…Dary is having some FUNKY dreams and an all-around hard time with whole riding around the clock idea. Between that and her new husband, D is (understandably) sore and cranky. But dreams serve her well and she’s beginning to grow into her role. She even, FINALLY, stands up for herself to Varys. I think Daenerys is meant to be the next dragon leader…but we’ll see what happens. She humiliated her brother and finally allowed herself to be outside of his grip of abuse and fear. She has also shown herself to be a woman now, someone who knows and understands what it is to be who she is. She is beginning to control and lead…and on her 14th name day she is noticed to be with child (which she already knew and purposefully became so).


Bran is, understandably, a cranky cranky boy now. Old Nan sits with him and so we learn a bit more about her..she has been a nurse to the family for generations. However, Bran isn’t quite happy with her anymore. He spends his time watching the knights and his brothers out of his window. But the Tyrion Lannister arrives with words from Jon Snow for his family. Along with the words for the family, Tyrion once more shows his softer, sentimental side by providing a blueprint for a saddle that will allow Bran to ride once more. Bran is excited for life again and remains so, even optimistic that the children of the forest will help his uncle Benjen (who has been missing for far too long).


Lord Stark is trying to discover the truth behind his brother-in-law’s sudden death and, now, the truth behind his son’s horrible fall. The Grand Maester Pycelle is old and cunning and Ned speaks to him about Jon’s death, who was with him, what happened, etc. It is both sad and frustrating to read this part. To see the loose threads and realize no one else seems to be worried. Then he goes back to his rooms and Petyr (Littlefinger) The Lord Baelish wishes to speak to him, pointing out the spies who watch his tower. In between he must have a conversation with Arya about Bran and his new limitations…this entire chapter felt sad and frustrating to me.


Jon’s really coming into his own. You go Jon, You go!


Ned Stark persists in being against The Hand’s Tourney. The Starks of Winterfell don’t put much love or merit in things like tournaments but King Roberts insists. Knowing that he’s being constantly watched, Ned is still looking to find out what Jon Arryn knew that got him killed, though Jon’s death seemed to be that of an illness gone south. When Ned speaks to armorer, Master Mott, and meets an unlikely child pieces both fall into place and add difficulty to the puzzle. Why would King Robert’s illegitimate child cause The King’s Hand to be murdered?


Ser Rodrik and Catelyn Stark are on their way home from King’s Landing and traveling incognito. When they stop for rest and shelter at an inn from Catelyn’s youth, she reminisces over her childhood and worries for the safety of her home area until a small group comes into the inn…two knights, a Black Brother, and Tyrion Lannister. When he recognizes her and calls her by name, Catelyn pours steel into her backbone and accuses him of attempted murder. I like Tyrion and, though she’s grown on me a bit over her past couple of chapters, I still don’t like Catelyn. She is emotionally led and while she tries to be logical, she allows her anger to overcome everything else. Strong emotions I don’t mind, the inability to control is the issue.


This girl…I expected her to fall apart into hysterics the first time a rider was unseated during the tourney. When a man was killed not ten feet from her seat, she merely noted it with interest and thought that the sad part was really that this lad was so young he wouldn’t be remembered in the songs, so no one knew his name or would remember him.

She is smitten by beauty and bowled over by “The Knight of Flowers” a 16 year old stud who wins the day. Then she has an odd run in with Littlefinger…who is weird and creepy as always, and a fancy time with Joffrey at dinner (where the little pri…nceling behaves himself as though enamored with his betrothed). The King drunkenly declares himself part of the fight the next day, Joffrey summons his Hound to take Sansa home, and she is left without a word of farewell as the tipsy Hound escorts her back to her rooms.

Sansa is made of stern stuff, boy howdy. As Sandor Clegane laughs and roars and confesses his history to her, the fear she has harbored leaves her and she now feels sorry for him…right up until he threatens her life.


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