A Little Catch Up

Hello, hello all! Lon time, no read. I have been busy with teaching and my 2 girls, barely making time to read and post the random booktuber tbr video. I, obviously, let the blog slip away from me. However, a dear friend advised me to start it (the blog) back up and, after dilly dallying for a week or so, I decided that she was probably right. So here I am, did you miss me? Despite all clues to the contrary, I did miss writing the blog and you, my readers.

So, where do we go from here? How about a quick catch up for the past couple of months or so in my life? Most of us are currently in quarantine or headed that way fast. My family and I started voluntary social distancing and self-quarantining a few weeks before the state of Oklahoma suggested we do so, because my father had a fall. That makes everything sound so simple, doesn’t it. Dad fell. In reality, my dad fell around 25 feet. The insurance adjuster said that his head would have fallen around 30 feet before hitting the floor. I may have mentioned that before that we live in what used to be a Methodist church building. Dad was in the attic above the auditorium, making sure that there were no bats setting up residence with us, and he took a misstep. Stitches and internal bleeding above his left eye, broken left shoulder that was incredibly shattered and out of place for nearly 48 hours, broken ribs, pelvis, and ankle…all on the left side. He was in the hospital for nearly a month and every single time the girls and I went anywhere, we were asked how he was and reminded that he should probably have died. Every. Single. Time. As it stands, he had 2 shoulder procedures and was able to go to an in-hospital rehab facility for a few days right as the Covid-19 pandemic started to become a bigger issue in Oklahoma. Up until that time, I was planning a spring break trip with my girls (a BIG surprise for the 7 yr old). Instead, we canceled everything and went even more heavily into self isolation, something we had been practicing outside of going to school for 3 weeks out of fear of the flu causing a set back for my father.

Log story slightly shorter, he has been home about 2 and a half weeks at this point. Today is his birthday (59!) and he was allowed to take off the ankle boot as his present from the bone specialist. The doctor says he can start PT on the shoulder in 2 more weeks, as long as Covid-19 still hasn’t affected our county. We remain in voluntary self isolation. Schools across the state (and most other states as well) have been closed to attendance for the remainder of the school year. Starting Tuesday, the 7th, and continuing on until May the 8th, we will be distance learning. This looks different for every school district, every teacher, every age group. Some of my teacher friends are using IXL and CommonLit and Prodigy…online tools that we have been utilizing to a lesser extent in class. I, on the other had, have decided to use my small knowledge of booktubing and will be utilizing those tiny skills to do novel read alongs and ethics chats.

What about you? Are you or your kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews/etc participating in any form with distance learning? What have you all been up to in my absence? I have to say, I am looking forward to rekindling our friendship here.

Be happy, Be safe, and Be Fulfilled.

One thought on “A Little Catch Up

  1. You have all been going through a tough time.
    I am so glad to see you back blogging. Love the videos you are making as well. I am sure the kids at your school will love the videos you make for them.
    Sta safe and have a good weekend.

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