Happy Mother’s Day

Hello friends! I am sorry that I haven’t written lately but there are big changes happening in my little world. I will tell you more about those soon, though, because today I’ve only popped on to tell all you amazing mothers HAPPY DAY!

If you have grown kids, tiny kids, in between kids, adopted kids, kids who never came to live with you, foster kids, step kids, sassy kids, sweet kids, or any other type of kids, I hope that you know you are loved, special, and amazing.

My own mother is having to deal with my children much more often right now as I jet back and forth between some of those big changes we will talk about next time. It’s her own fault though…she told me that one day I would have children who acted just like me and now she has to help handle them! In all seriousness though, Happy Mother’s Day to my own mom. She doesn’t deserve to have to put up with us, but I am certainly happy that she does.

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