Goals at a Glance 8/16-8/22

So last week I used my Sunday post to set goals for the week…just general writing and life goals really. Though it isn’t a to-do list exactly, it is a great starting off point for the week! Before I lay out my plan for this next week (and boy, is it going to be a doozy!), let’s see how last week played out for me:

Weekly Goals 8/9-8/15

  1. Write and upload the next 3 chapters of Vocabulary/Lesson Ideas/Quizzes for Dragon on My Neck Did not Happen! I have them mostly written..mostly. But are they typed? Nope…1 got one typed and uploaded…1. Next week I will have 5 to do now. *sigh*
  2. Write at least one new chapter for Dragons in the Deep – YES! I DID THIS! AND IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY BECAUSE THE CHAPTER HAS ME EXCITED ABOUT THE STORY AGAIN!
  3. Write at least one new chapter for Paulonious Punk – I cut it down to the wire on this one, but I did write a chapter tonight…well, all but the first 3 sentences, which belonged to the prior week. But I’m counting this as DONE!
  4. Wash, dry, and PUT AWAY laundry (its that last part…gets me every time) – I had it done until my potty training daughter and my cranky old dog had an argument over who REALLY owns that futon…and the blanket on it. 
  5. Work on creating Monkey’s pdf files for the book Nope. Not even a little bit. 
  6. Create new cover them for Stone Dragon books Yes, YES. Amazingly, YES! AND my illustrator has the ideas, loves the ideas, and will get to them sometime between the next 5 projects…so next year maybe 😉
  7. Sew Monkey’s birthday presents Yes and no. I’m not completely finished, but I got a lot done this week. 
  8. Clean Monkey’s Playroom (She’s almost 3, MAKE HER HELP!) YES! YAYA
  9. Finally watch the end of those 3 different seasons of shows on Netflix…it’s been a while Elizabeth, get ‘er done.Nope. I did finish Cupcake Wars…but not the other 3 shows I was watching 
  10. Sew bibs and various cute and super nerdy baby things. College friend baby #1 will be here in 2 months woman! Niece and or nephew in 7…get on it! No bibs yet, but everything else is a go! I have 1 bib and 1 diaper clutch purse to make before I send her little gifts off. Can’t wait to see those cute things on a chubby little nerd baby!
  11. Crochet hoodie for Monkey…Started it. That counts right?
  12. Edit… I despise this one. But yes. A little. Until I got depressed. I do know how to spell…I SWEAR I DO!
  13. Write at least 3 blog posts *not counting today’s* YES! I posted 5 times! woohoo!

Ok, now that that is taken care of, here is THIS WEEK’S LIST.

I warned it would be a doozy, but it will be shorter than last week’s. Yes, I will have laundry and dishes and cooking every day. But the main things I will focus on this week are going to be the focus of this list. Got it? Yeah, I knew you would :

Goals 8/16-8/22:

  1. Finish Monkey’s Birthday presents.
  2. Read, READ, READ!
  3. 5 teacher plans/quizzes/vocab sheets for DOMN written, typed, and uploaded
  4. at least 1 chapter for Paulonious Punk
  5. at least 1 chapter for Dragons in the Deep (IF YOU PUSH YOU CAN FINISH THE BOOK THIS WEEK WOMAN! TRY FOR MORE…GET IT DONE! I HAVE TO KNOW!!!)
  6. at least 3 blog posts
  7. Organize and clean bedroom and sitting room.
    1. then watch a movie in the big chair! Ahhhh….as close to heaven as I can get in my pajamas and popcorn phases.
    2. will probably watch the Labyrinth
  9. cake/cupcakes…kid’s birthday is Sunday!

Short, more intense, and completely doable! My main 2 goals…Birthday for the kid, and write my little heart out. Something with happen with both sooner or later…the birthday is definitely sooner! Eventually something will give, though, and all my hard work will pay off…right? I believe it! God gave me a bit of talent to work with, so I’m pushing it as far as I can!

What are your goals this week? I would love to hear from you! I know some of you are going to make my paltry little teensy list look horribly light in comparison, but that’s great! It means you’re working hard to get yours. You go get ’em! And bring back coffee….