Looking for Ugly Bugs….OR, Ms. Tyree it’s staring at me!

Yesterday my science classes went on an ugly bug walk. Along the way we discovered many things about ourselves and each other. My prissy princesses ran amuck to grab the ugliest, nastiest bugs they could find while some of my more snips and snails type boys squealed and ran from a locust. I, on the other hand, caught a golf ball. His is name is Frederick Marie and my Dad made fast friends with him 😉

During the last class hour a woman came from the newspaper to snap a few pictures and copy down a line or two about just exactly what it was I had them doing (for the record, there will be microscopes and a contest involved!). I figured we would wind up in the middle of the Sunday paper so it was much to my surprise, and many others’ delight, that we were a featured front page story in today’s paper. The students are thrilled with it and I am super proud of them!

Maybe some day my picture in the paper will look like I’m smart…

For now though, I have to go…the praying mantis keeps looking at me and I’m having flash backs to season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! *shudders*





Surviving, Thriving, and Striving

We survived…that was the first thought I had yesterday afternoon as I pulled in to the daycare lot. Well, the first thought after “why in the world would you put a parking lot HERE? But that’s beside the point. The point is that survived week one of the life change.

For the past two years, Mommy and Monkey have lived a life of playtime and snuggles with random events like visitors or nap time writing barely leaving a blip on her little radar. Last Tuesday changed all of that and our new adventure began. For Monkey, the new adventure is being in daycare. Imagine being the only child of an only child….then add in that your only child mother is single and able to stay at home with you because you live with your grandparents. Yup…poor Monkey has never been to a ‘real’ babysitter. But she survived and in our striving for survival, she’s starting to slowly thrive there (apparently she’s down to only five or six crying jags a day now!). Maybe I’ll stop the random moments of blind panic and tears eyed sadness sometime soon too.

As for me, well I’m almost 75% certain that about 80% of my classroom is prepared for Monday night’s ‘Meet the Teacher’ so that’s pretty good…right?
RIGHT? Seriously though, I am enjoying my co-workers, my grade level team, and my new classroom. I am genuinely looking forward to this school year, and not just because I’ve started a beginners exercise program (found on http://www.theysmell.com) that I’ve been doing as soon as I wake up (at 5:30am). It helps me wake up more quickly and will, hopefully, help get me in a better shape. I may never love mornings, but we can learn to thrive in them!

How were your weeks? Are you thriving, surviving, or nose diving?
Whatever you’re doing, may you blessed in it; and may each day be better than the last.