Choices, Changes, and Clothes

As some of you have probably noticed, I very rarely include fashion in blog posts. Not that I have any thing against such a thing, mind you, but more that I believe in writing about what I know… And that ain’t it! However, today’s post is about choices so we’ll start with this one.

Mom's Take

Mom’s Take

Dad's Snap

Dad’s Snap

That’s me, today, wearing a piece of clothing I love but normally would never buy.I wear shorts maybe twice a year, and I’m from Oklahoma by way of Central Texas! I always feel self conscious of my legs…

 So what changed?

The honest answer is: absolutely nothing. I’m still a “big” girl, my calves still look like I do marching band every day, and I haven’t completely recognized myself in the mirror for awhile now. So why is today the day to wear this outfit and be okay? Simply because I got tired of seeing it sitting there, waiting; begging for me to slide it on and get dolled up for absolutely no reason at all. I finally CHOSE to let myself wear the outfit and that choice boosted my confidence.

I’ve made a lot of choices in life. Like everyone else. Some were good, some not so great, and some horrendous. One good decision was this outfit, another was starting this blog and self publishing my books. I researched, worked hard, and chose self publishing as a way to retain control of my “life’s work”, my babies. I haven’t sold very many, probably because I chose not to pay for advertising or a book trailer, but I always get good feedback and have given several hundred away with the kindle app.

Now my choice is changing some. As I look to find an agent for other works, i  am also keeping a keen eye out for someone who might eventually be willing to take on the Stone Dragon Saga and all of its extras. I may never find them. But in the mean time, I am also choosing to revamp them a little, throw a few tweaks here and there, and maybe even pay an editor and some advertising. Anyone know how to make an eye catching book trailer?

You see, I chose for years to be lazy. I told myself that I was content with there mere fact that I had put myself ‘out there’ by allowing my books to sit hidden among thousands more on Amazon and Kindle. I felt guilty for contemplating paying for advertising when my daughter wanted a new toy. She has more than enough in her play room (and every other room!) and my choice to use that excuse just doesn’t make sense. See, those pesky choices keep coming back around!

Well now my characters need me to choose… They’re asking for a real chance at the adventure and excitement of being sought after, eagerly awaited, and excitedly devoured by their new readers. I choose to honor that request and that is why I am seeking to change the way I’m publishing. Whether these stay firmly “self published” and I merely put in that extra little bit of effort to polish and market, or they slide into the “traditional” line, the Stone Dragon Saga deserved the chance to really shine and snag readers… And in order for that to happen I must choose change.

We hate change… Why, hello shorts.

Fierce Jungle Pose...MEOW

Fierce Jungle Pose…MEOW

That Bright Sunlight Messing Up My Selfies (but look at those CHEEKBONES!)

That Bright Sunlight Messing Up My Selfies (but look at those CHEEKBONES!)


Whether it be the choice of clothing, the choice of activity, or the choice to really pursue those dreams…don’t let ‘being content’ with what you’re doing stop you from achieving what you want! Reach for the stars, write your heart out, and let yourself achieve!

How to Have a Good Hair Day

I keep seeing these pop up all over the place at seemingly random times. In the day and age of learning SEO etc in order to make your articles, blogs, or images pop up online more often, people seem to be having increasingly bad hair days. The thing I notice the most, however, is that every single one of these articles includes a number.

“How to have a good/great/awesome/amazing hair day in 5 easy steps” “7 steps” “3 quick steps”…etc.

Well here it is ladies and gentlemen, I am jumping on that band wagon. “How to have a good hair day in 1 super fantastic simple step” 

Don’t believe me? Check it out:

All you need to have a good hair day, is the belief that you are having a good hair day. I know, sounds way too simple right? Well there it is, that’s all you need. A little self confidence and a dose of belief.

Now some of you may be saying, “Beth you don’t understand, when I don’t spend an hour straightening my hair and putting product in it to stop moisture, frizz, color leak, and the apocalypse my hair springs up as big as Texas!”

Great! Put on a pair of jeans, learn a few chords, and get a back up band. Thats what us Texans call Country Music Award hair or News Anchor Hair…they’re kind of interchangeable in the South!

Maybe you’re thinking that “When MY hair goes bad, it tries to turn into an old school ‘fro and I can’t get the tangles out or make it sit down! How can I be confident in a good hair day with that?” Buy a jumpsuit. Seriously, a jumpsuit, a playsuit, one of those tank top dress mumu things. They’re all kind of coming back into fashion and when your hair goes retro, throw a little retro flair in your wardrobe as well! Everyone will think you meant to do and tell you awesome you look, or how courageous and amazing you are to be up with fashion. (Believe me! My 5th graders LOVE my new cat eye glasses and weird long poofy hair days)

Hair wants to stick out? Let it! Hair wants to be flat on one side and puffed up on the other? Throw a couple of cute clips on the flat side and rock it out! JUST BE CONFIDENT IN IT! If you act as though you think it looks good, you may have someone tell you otherwise, but people will respect your sass and believe in your vision.

However, please please PLEASE do not confide in your coworkers, boss, boyfriend, or that sassy waitress you kind of think about as a friend but would never invite to a sleepover. If you confide to them that you bought the jumpsuit to make the hair work, or that you don’t really like the country look, or whatever it is…then your confidence just looks like desperate attention seeking or, possibly worse, low self esteem.

So the ONE STEP to a good hair day? Just have the courage and self esteem to KNOW that you look good no matter what. And rock that retro country music award rap hair until you can get it to rock your preferred style.