I’m not usually one to get into the creative art of painting canvases. I bead, crochet, and write…but my talent is sadly lacking when it comes to canvases and really, my mother has an art degree so I normally leave it in her more than capable hands. She’s amazingly talented! However, on a trip to one of our favorite crafting stores last week, I saw several canvases sporting cute designs and some of my favorite literary quotes.

Since I’m cheap (ok, I’m poor!) I decided to buy a set of small canvases and try my hand at cutesy quotes. A week later, I finally got out the paints and here is what happened:


 The Base Coats…


WP_20150201_006 WP_20150201_005 WP_20150201_004
WP_20150201_006Final Tolkien!
WP_20150201_007Finished Product!