#HotandSticky Survey

I am participating in the #HotandSticky Summer Writing Challenge put on by the boys over at Stripped Cover Lit, a fabulous and sassy YouTube channel you should all check out!  If you have ever wanted to write something, this 4 month writing challenge might be right up your alley.

In my announcement video (here)  I mentioned trying to decide between something I had already started or coming up with a new idea. Since everyone who responded offered the opinion that I should work on something old, I am here today with a list of synopsis and excerpts…and a survey. Please participate and let me know what you think I should be working on this summer!


My House:

The story of a woman who thought she had left her mofia-like family behind, until her father’s final papers are found. Now she must contend with her thug brothers, a new romance, and emotional scars in order to find her place again.

Excerpt –

It was a nice date, if you like going out with the gorgeous, smart type. He took me to a nice local restaurant with a homey atmosphere and just enough city spice to make it sophisticated. During dinner we talked about everything from politics to TV shows. I discovered that Nikolas isn’t just gorgeous, he’s smart, well read and has a great sense of humor. He has a degree in both literature and history and is only working in realty until a good job opens up in one of those fields. I also gave him my pertinent information; I graduated from a college in Ireland with degrees in Music and Literature and teach at a daycare (although I did not tell him that I go by my mother’s maiden name so that people won’t be afraid to leave their children with me). Although we had so much in common, and the conversation was very stimulating, my mind kept creeping back to the house.

I had made the visit that day to try and finally close that chapter in my life, but instead of closure the visit was bringing back memories long locked away in the recesses of my mind and making me want to revisit the past.  As I looked across the table at Nikolas I was transported back twelve years to a family dinner held in honor of Billy’s college graduation. We were all gathered around a table in a restaurant very similar to the one I was in now, sipping our drinks and catching up when Billy raised his wine glass (which held sparkling water, Billy couldn’t ever relegate himself to the taste of wine)…”Attention everybody, I have an announcement to make.” He boomed, effectively quieting our group. Billy took a sip from his glass as he looked around to make sure he had everyone’s attention.

He looked so handsome in his dark blue dress shirt that I had bought him. With his sleeves rolled up and the first few buttons undone, he looked just like one of those mobsters from a 1920s club scene.

“I’ve chosen a job,” Billy announced proudly, looking around to catch everyone’s expressions.

“WHAT??” “WOW!” “WHERE??” “WHAT IS IT??” We were all exclaiming at once, the words almost indiscernible in the cries, but the next thing that Billy said sent a deathly quiet over the family.



The story of teenaged almost loves meeting up again in college. She is single, always looking for that special feeling. Always not quite choosing the right guys. Always more comfortable with her books and best friend. He has a serious girlfriend and roommate majoring in psychology. (This is a step away from what I typically write…more contemporary)


Excerpt –



“There is sadness there, just behind her eyes. The look of something lost a long time ago. She wears it well, almost as if she has forgotten the depth of feeling there. For some reason the look deepened when she first saw you. Like a black hole expanding to take In everything to nothingness, then it all disappeared in a dazzling smile of happiness when she realized you were there.”


Vincent slowly tore his gaze from the girl whose heart he had yearned for since childhood and who was currently talking to his girlfriend, to look at his friend. “Sanji, have you been reading those psychology books again?” he teased, trying not to peak his old friends curiosity any more. Anne was the one thing in his life that Sanji didn’t know all of the details of. “I wouldn’t have any idea about her losses, we haven’t even seen each other in years. I only just began to talk to her again.”


Sanji took in his friends intense look and decided to let that strain of thought go for the moment. “Ok, so what’s for dinner? Its your turn to cook, remember?” Vincent’s laugh was the only answer he received as they began walking toward the girls.




Seeing a nameless threat looming over the future of Earth, Sylvester’s true love sent herself to a different world in order to rescue people she doesn’t know. She has no memories of her fiancé, is re-born (literally) as a baby on Earth, and grows up without memory of why she came to be there…not that she thinks there’s anything odd about that.

Excerpt –

As a child, Brianna had dreams of another world. One where magic was as natural as air and people watched and waited for her. Somewhere, in the back of her mind, Bri knew these people. Sometimes she could remember their names, and would excitedly turn to them, but she would always wake at this point, dream memories niggling at her brain until she pushed them aside. As she grew the dreams became more in depth, more real. She would wake smelling the scents of otherworldly kitchens, feeling the softness of otherworldly grass.


She began seeing the people from her dreams out of the corner of her eye, in broad daylight. She would sense them watching her, urging her to something she couldn’t understand, or rather, felt as if she couldn’t remember. In defense, she turned to the things all teenage girls find interest in: sports, music, books, friends, and, of course, boys.


A children’s story or MG to be named later

Possibly the 2nd in the adventure stories featuring Paulonious Punk or something along those lines. (If you have requests, feel free to leave them in the comment section!)

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite now! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WFQKTN5

Wired for Story Chat | Intro and Ch. 1

I have decided to do a series of videos dicussing each chapter in this book and how it affects what I, as an author, am writing. This is a nonfiction that connects Neurology with Writing and is not only important, but interesting and well written as well. I hope you enjoy this (long) video. I promise the rest will be shorter!

Please comment with any suggestions, ideas, constructive criticisms, etc.

Writing Tips #1

If you weren’t aware, NaNoWriMo has online ‘camps’ twice a year: April and June. I am participating in April’s camp and saw a video recently discussing that particular lady’s top 8 writing tips. (I can’t seem to find the video now but it was pretty awesome. Check out YouTube writing tip videos!) I thought I would give you my top tips for writing.

  1. NOISE

Some people like to be surrounded by noise, some don’t, so this tip is to just look within yourself and decide what level of noise you can handle. If you don’t like noise you can go to a quiet corner or our to a field where there isn’t much sound. If you enjoy background noise I would suggest a music playlist or turning on a movie you’ve seen millions of times. The noise will fade into the background and just keep that noisy non-writing part of your mind busy.

2. Write by Hand

I know that most of my writer friends seem to be moving towards, or already are, doing all of their writing on a computer. I, personally, have found that I get more words that way BUT I DO NOT REMEMBER EVERYTHING I WRITE! When I write by hand I have a better memory about what I’ve written and don’t have to go back and remove or rewrite as much.

3. Carry it With You

Carry a notebook or small pad of paper and a few writing utensils EVERYWHERE YOU GO. (I have a spare in each car, plus several in each bag. Yes, even in the gym bag.)

Ok, those are my top 3 writing tips. I’m sure you’ve heard them all before but I hope they’ve triggered something in you. Let me know what your favorite tips are.

Happy Friday Friends!


Motivating? Maybe…

I, like many of you, have the messenger app on my phone and it’s panicked ‘ding’ startled me out of a daydream as I pondered my lunch. Wondering who in the world would message me (I don’t have a whole lot of conversations with real people, to tell you the truth) I checked it to find a friend of mine with a big problem.

“Heeeeelp.” He begged, “I’m trying to write a book and I can’t come up with a plot to save my life.”

If I confess something to you here, do you promise not to judge me too harshly? Thanks! Here it is…I had to calm down from a laughing fit before I could take his plea seriously. 

After a little back and forth that resulted in my both psycho-analyzing and getting on to him, this friend suggested (seriously even) that I should add a motivational book to my ‘To Write’ list.

Me? Motivational?  The thought gave me pause, the idea was almost preposterous…I berate, I give rules and order, I hide and write…but do I motivate? Maybe…maybe I do. I put it on the list and intend for it to be a large coffee table hardback. That way, if the pictures and phrases included within the book do not motivate, you can knock yourself out and find a dream to write about.

Hey, maybe that can be either the first or last page…a picture of a pillow and the above quote, slightly reworded of course. Hmm…ok, back to the topic at hand. 

In preparation for this phenomenally ill-conceived concept, I have decided to share with you a couple of the admonitions I tossed his way. You’ve probably heard these before, in some version, but here are my takes on things



Are you motivate yet? I hope so!

Have a Fabulous week everyone!


The First Mythical, Magical, Inter-Species Taco Stand

Today, much like every other day for the next 2 weeks, my classes are concentrating on refreshing their minds, spirits, and creative fingertips on narratives. For those few hundred readers out there that are NOT 5th or 8th grade writing teachers in the state of Oklahoma, let me fill you in really quickly…state tests for writing are beginning on february 24th, the prompts include reading passages (2 passages and a prompt usually), and they state just announced that the prompt will definitely be some sort of narrative piece. (PHEW!)

Since every passage based narrative prompt I find is some sort of Folk Tale (Of which there are 7! sub-genres) we have been happily diving back into that unit. While discussing pre-writing today, Mrs. L’s home base and I connected my ‘brain blurb’ of 5 random characters/items in order to create a truly epic brainstorming….I give to you, (ON MY BRAND NEW WHITE BOARD) The pre write for my children’s picture book (Oh yeah, hey mom if you’re reading this..I need to discuss something art related with you…):



I LOVE THIS IDEA! I can’t wait to get started…my other 2 novels may just have to take a back seat for a hot beefy minute!

Though you can’t see it clearly, what happened was that my five ‘fairy tale’ words were “Dragons, Fairies, Unicorns, Humans, and Tacos” since 4/5 of that list love to eat Tacos…well, you see where this is headed right?