DIY: Pretend Play Shakers

I don’t often post Do It Yourself projects on here, and with good reason. While I am a little crafty and a lot cheap, I feel like there other people who far surpass me with their amazing DIY abilities! However, this project was so fun and simple that I really wanted to pass it along.

First let me tell you that I know my child is spoiled! This is not news to me, but she generally behaves very well and I enjoy making or purchasing interesting and fun new things for us to play with. That’s where this post comes from…I am always looking for nifty new toys and accessories for her that can show off her style + be tons of fun. She enjoys things that are a little retro and her favorites are housewares type toys, so when I saw the Salt and Pepper Shakers on Homemade By Jill and Nap Time Journal I knew I wanted to give it a try!!


Wooden spools (you can buy these at craft stores, we had several in a drawer)

Domed Buttons (again, you can choose to purchase 2 or 4 holed buttons with a slight dome, we have several waiting to be used!)

Acrylic Paint (I purchased Apple Barrel Paints by Plaid *affiliate link*)

Glue (I used some Aleene’s tacky glue, with some glitter glue for the holes to look ‘realistic’)

Letter Stickers (I used Stickers meant to go on ‘foamies’ so that the adhesive is much stronger. Optional)

Seed Beads (optional)

Small disk (optional—you can cut these from cardstock or other heavy material. Dad cut thin disks from an old wooden dowel to make sure they were sturdy. Not pictured)

IMG_20150715_010109 IMG_20150715_010058IMG_20150715_021926

Here are my supplies and beginning set up.

First, I glued the buttons to the wooden spools (before painting anything)

IMG_20150715_011337 IMG_20150715_011331

Next, I painted everything with two coats of white. (I took a handy nail file and roughed up the buttons a bit, but that is not necessary).


The third step paints the very top with a coordinating color for our—I mean—for her kitchen. Her playroom is a bright green color so I chose this fun green to match. Two coats covered well since I had base coated everything to begin with.

IMG_20150715_021755 IMG_20150715_021742 IMG_20150715_021810

The Fourth, possible final, step is to add the “S” and “P” to these adorable little shakers. Since my handwriting is not the best, I used letter stickers meant for foam decorations, so the adhesive is very durable. The other best option would  be to draw on the letters yourself.

And that could be where your DIY ends…an adorable little set of salt and pepper shakers ready to be loved by the little in your life. However, there are a few more ways to add pizzazz to these guys:

Step Five is to add dabs of glitter glue to the holes on the buttons. Not only does this seal the holes a little more, it adds what looks like spice to the top. Now it REALLY looks like salt and pepper (and cilantro and mint and cinnamon etc etc etc)

The sixth and seventh steps walk hand in hand, and those are to fill the spool with seed beads (or other noise making bits) and secure your circular disk over the bottom hole. Now when your little shakes out spices onto their food, the event is a multi-sensory extravaganza!

Finally, use a clear sealer to give that glossy safety to your paint job!

If you have any cool DIY ideas, I would love to hear them! Leave a comment and let me know what you’ve done (or seen)!
I hope you enjoyed this post.