Writer’s Quote Wednesday Challenge

Silver Threading and RonovanWrites have this lovely new writing quote challenge for us. Basically, choose a writing quote and then use that as inspiration for a piece of flash fiction, with quote as the title or used within the piece.

Ok, I like a challenge. I can do this (maybe-ish). For my first week of the challenge I’m going to almost stick to the “Romance” theme suggested by Silver.



My Heart is almost a breathing, sentient being. It makes it own choices, decisions I wouldn’t ever agree to if I had a say. It ties a string around things it loves and causes me to stumble and pull if I walk away from them. To top it all off,  I think my heart and my stomach are in cahoots.

They drop at the same rate, my stomach often enjoys cradling my heart like they’re best friends just trying to make my logical head spin.

Logical, pah! They’ve ruined that. My heart and my stomach, they breath into everything that magical mayhem of belief, desire, magic.

They send my mind reeling and I must write, write until my hands cramp, until my fingers numb, until pen after pen has expired. Write until I cannot help but sleep, and in sleeping my dream self begins to write. Every place, person, and idea my heart has stored tumbles out of me like the fully formed Greek myths, but with more editing needed later. A novel, a short story, a prose poem that makes no sense…they all leap and bound, in love with ink and the sound, oh the sound of pen scratches and liquid words.

Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Good February everyone!! Welcome to the first Writer’s Quote and #BeWOW Wednesday of the 2nd month of 2016. For more information on what we do each we, check out Silver Threading and RonovanWrites.

For the shortest month of the year, February sure seems to be packed full of all sorts of amazing things (Not the least of which are my 31st and my mother’s *ahem* day of birth celebrations :O ) So with that in mind, today’s quotes are going to center on something I seem to be having issues with this year…finding time!

As an author, a mother, a daughter, and a friend I often find myself without the ability to even make my own schedule. I run in between the lines, trying to find the time for anything I want to do inside and around the schedules of others. However, I keep trying even when I feel like breaking down and crying…and I keep trying BECAUSE positive-quote-confucius-600x600



Writer’s Quote Wednesday -Birthday Bash

Welcome back to Writer’s Quote Wednesday! This is a weekly get together across many blogs and hosted by the fabulous Silver Threading! Check out her blog for the week here and while you’re at it, check out the amazing Ronovan’s #BeWOW (Be Wonderful (or Writing) on Wednesdays) and see what that’s all about in this post. Silver and Ronovan joined forces and we like to Be Wonderful and Quote Writers all over the place on Wednesdays. 

Today would be Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s 184th birthday and, since he wrote one of my favorite children’s books of all time I thought I would take today to share some quotes from a great author…better known as Lewis Carroll. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass inspire creativity, self acceptance, and a love of strangeness. The Mad Hatter has long been one of my favorite literary characters and the quotes I’ve chosen for you today share that oddness and whimsy that translates into lyrical sentences and happy times. They always remind me that I am an author, a creator, and a fairy tale of swirling words waiting to be written down!

Without further ado…welcome to the wonderful, whimsical, writing world of Lewis Carroll:


This quote is handy for authors, I think of it all the time as I write and try to make sure my audience has room for their imaginations. 


selfish actions tend to make us feel poorly in the end…but things we can enjoy with or for others make life a little sweeter every day. 


If you wrote a sentence, read a page, ran an errand, or even just washed the dishes, you’ve come farther than you know! Every day, every action,very choice, every breath…look how far you’ve come. 


Write the story, live the story, go kiss that crush you’ve been aiming for..whatever. 

Finally, these two speak for themselves. We are, each of us, something amazing and unique. Don’t worry about the differences, celebrate them!

Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Welcome to Writer’s Quote Wednesday. Remember to go see Silver Threading and Ronovan for all the info on WQW and #BeWOW.

This past week saw the world lose David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and Glenn Frey. Science Fiction/Fantasy editor David G. Hartwell is teetering on the brink of death after having a massive brain hemorrhage (I honestly believe that he is already passed, however I cannot find confirmation at this point in time), and locally we have lost a dear friend and music teacher rather unexpectedly.

So what am I trying to say in this depressing beginning to Writer’s Quote Wednesday? 2016 sucks. This “New Year/New…” has brought a lot of new tears. However, I always try to take comfort in the words of a person. The quotes, comments, songs, and characters that they have left behind will be a way for us to remember and share their talent with others.

Usually I try to explain why a certain quote or song caught my eye…this week I’m just going to put them all down there and you can make up your own minds. I will say that if you want to know more about my personal feelings on the subject you can check out the videos I did for David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Happy Writer’s Quote Wednesday Everyone! May the year get better from here…


Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Good Wednesday and welcome to you all. If you want to take part in our little weekly party, you can head over to Silver Threading to see the rules for Writer’s Quote Wednesdays and talk to RonovanWrites about #BEWOW.

Today’s quote is something I’ve touched on recently…like last week…and that we should all strive to remember:


If we are afraid of failure then we don’t write. OR, we write and we don’t let anyone see the product. We hide our words, we about our lives as shells hiding from the truth of ourselves. Don’t be a shell guys, don’t be a shell.


Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Welcome to the first Writing Quote Wednesday of the year 2016! Phew…I don’t know how I’m in 2016 already but I do know that if you want to take part in our little weekly party, you can head over to Silver Threading to see the rules for Writer’s Quote Wednesdays and talk to RonovanWrites about #BEWOW.

This week I want to share with you a quote that jumped out at me because of my friends. You see, I shared the beginning of a contest entry with 3 friends (who had requested to see what I was working on) and their reactions were as follows:

  1. Pretty good. It’s almost to perfect…just needs a few tweaks.
  2. Hey, I love the way you write and this is pretty decent. Just work on it a little.
  3. THIS IS SO INTENSE, I LOVE IT! You’ve written this story to perfection.

Friend #1 has been a writer before, though they have mostly stopped at this point, and looked at it from the author’s perspective.

Friend #2 reads voraciously and has taken up my bad habit of grammar policing. They looked at it from the perspective of an editing type.

Friend #3 just enjoys reading for the sake of the story and read from the perspective of a joyous audience member, a reader just wanting to know what happened next.

Through their eyes I saw what needed worked on, what needed lost, and what needed to stay exactly as it was. Then I began to look at quotes for this week’s post and almost immediately saw:


“THAT’S IT!” I cried, “The perfect quote! I’ve been writing…been pushing through a story I’m almost afraid to tackle. A pre-fairy tale fairy tale. A mythical origin story, if you will, and this…OH THIS! This quote is exactly what I needed. Take chances, get it down, and don’t worry about having to ‘tweak’ it later or how it ‘might be perfect if you…’ just WRITE!”

So that is today’s advice, ladies and gentlemen, Just Write. Just put down the story stomping and swirling through your membranes and, once it is all written down and glorious in it’s unedited range of possibly not quite horrendousness, then you edit it. Only then do you need to be concerned with editing. Get it down, then get it right. This isn’t brain surgery, it’s world writing.

Until next Time…Have a Blessed and Wonderful week!


Writer’s Quote Wednesday

As I am writing this today, there are only 31 hours of the year left. 31 hours before 2015 slips every so gently…or noisily…into 2016 and everyone begins to be resolved and renewed. In that vein, my final quote of 2015 will be my own. A personal mantra that I wish to pass along to you, my favored friends. The simplest and most difficult gift in the world to give…


Hit Reset.jpg

#BeWriter’s Quote Wednesday

Welcome, Welcome to the next to last #BeWriter’sQuoting Wednesday of 2015 (I’ll come up with a good combo name…just wait for it!).

Remember to check out Silver Threading and Ronovan for more information, rules, prompts, and general merriment.

This week I wanted to continue with the ‘gifts’ theme we’ve been exploring for the Holiday season…and away we go!



Passionate about writing? Write..Passionate about miniature, ceramic goat herders? Open a museum/auction house. Passionate about the person you stare at through the window at night? Seek help…that wasn’t isn’t calling you! 

Hopefully we all have things light a fire inside of us. Writing and reading do that for me. I get started and lose myself entirely in the story, whether it’s mine or someone else’s. Someday I will be doing that for a living and acing it, right now I’m doing it for (mostly) free and loving it. Whatever you’re passionate about, I hope you pursue it throughout the new year.



Trudge on, push through that block, work every day: A muse comes to you through hard work, not booze and pretty lights (ok…not normally through booze and pretty lights). 

Inspiration comes and goes but when you keep going without it, that is when you discover the true depths of your passion and gift. Keep on swimming!



This is technically something for a teacher, but every author, every artist, every person that is passionate about their work becomes a teacher through that passion. Thank you all!

Remain passionate, seek personal inspirations, and pour yourself into making sure that the joy and passion you find in your gift shine through in all you do. Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, and any other holiday that happens in this end of year time.

I hope that my love, joy, and passion for words shines through to you all. I adore sharing it with you and I thank you for sharing your passions with me. until next time…

Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Welcome to the December 16th edition of Be Writing with Quotes on Wednesdays! (A.K.A. BeWow and Writer’s Quote Wednesdays)

For more information and some great quotes go check out the proprietors of this phenomenon Silver Threading  and Ronovan Writes

I found the following 3 quotes and have been holding on to them for this week’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday and BeWOW because they seem to fit so well with each other, and with Silver’s Christmas gift quote request.

First we have:


When we choose to become writers, artists, accountants…whatever it is we are…we are locating our true selves, our gifts. In the case of artists and authors, we then give it away by letting the world see what we have. It is a very odd and heady thing.

Next is:


When we find that gift, our meaning of life as Picasso called it, then we must not neglect it. Focused attention isn’t just the way to a person’s heart or apartment, it’s the way to perfect our gifts and let them shine. Do you really want to give away a dirty, shabby, frayed present?

And Finally:


I think this speaks for itself and I know that this is at least something that I hope and pray for with my writing. Whether it be the picture books, the YA, or the Adult novels I’m working on, I have a yearning deep down inside that my writing or the story of my writing will do this for someone someday. 

Writer’s Quote Wednesday -Snowflakes



Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah…these are all traditions celebrated by different people throughout the world when December rolls around. Write’s Quote Wednesdays and BeWOW are traditions celebrated every week around the world by many of us. This month, Silver has asked that we combine the traditions and I found the perfect first quote to do that with. More of a winter quote than a “Holiday” saying, I still feel like it brought to mind everything the Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and writing are all about.



Every person, no matter what they do, is a unique individual. Though we really celebrate these things through pageantry and gifts and traditions in December, that individuality shines brightly all year round. We are each a snowflake, our writing styles and interests differ even from those closest to us. So go be a glittering snowflake, let the light shine on you, and dazzle with your talent, your beauty…your words.


Happy December everyone!

*to learn more about the fabulous traditions of Writer’s Quote Wednesday and BeWow check out Silver Threading’s page*