Teaching Voiceless

I have lost my voice. If I talk above a whisper I either sound like James Earl Jones or Alvin (of Chipmunk Fame). I have 82 5th grade students, many of them 10-13 yr old boys. You would think that this day would both begin and end in disaster. However, so far those rambunctious boys are the ones holding me together. They have taken leadership roles, helping me to make announcements, corral talkative pre-teens, and even volunteered to pass out papers and clean up the class. They even modeled writing!

I am so proud of ‘my’ not so little terrors right now. They are going to be so mad at themselves when I’m better but I still expect them to step up like this! *cue evil and maniacal laughter*

Now if I can only stop squeaking and sounding like I’m crying every time I cough or try to speak above a whisper…Where did that hot tea go?

What are YOU Reading??

I have missed a week or two, being so wrapped up in my small ‘family’ of students (82 at the moment) and my daughter (who is 2), but I have been reading the most interesting things! Mostly, I admit, written by 5th graders who could use some more spelling and grammar practice! However, I am excited to announce our first foray into short stories is starting off pretty well!

So this weekend, as I am wallowing in the time that I DON’T have to grade and procrastinating working on my novel (yay for 3 day weekends and carefully planned lessons with no papers to grade!) I will be starting to read a creepy ‘thriller’ written for middle grades by Mary Downing Hahn entitledĀ Deep and Dark and Dangerous. I’ll let you know what I think šŸ˜‰

Now it’s your turn to tell me what you think! Have you read something lately that just knocked your socks off…or knocked them back on? Did you need three glasses of wine and multiple Netflix breaks to get through the latest novel craze, or were you so entranced that you forgot the first glass?

I look forward to hearing your recommendations and/or adventures for this week. Have a blessed and wonderful rest of your week!