Don’t forget to head over to my page and download your FREE digital copies of my fantasy series: The Stone Dragon Saga.

Free through tomorrow night, Book 1: Dragon on My NeckĀ  introduces us to Aliphonsore, the only known fairy dragon, and his centuries old quest to find his family and defeat the insane fairy queen, Passiona.

Free for download Tuesday through Thursday, Book 2: Dragon in My Yard brings our characters closer to the truth, and to danger, as some are reunited with their loved ones, and others are torn away.

Finally, free Friday through Sunday, Book 3: Dragon on the Green takes our friends across the globe in order to locate the strength of family and fight against Passiona’s evil plans.

Please feel free to download, tell your friends, and let me know what you think! And Don’t worry, there is at least one more volume in the works, ‘Dragons in the Deep’ is currently in rough draft form.

Thank you all!