Thank you!

I want to take a moment here and just thank everyone for their continued support as we make our ways into the new year. 2015 will be an interesting and (hopefully) amazing one for those of us here at Tyree Tomes and I would love for you to come along with us for the ride.

Now then, while I’ve got you here basking in the warmth of my appreciation, let’s go over a few numbers!

136 – the number of books I gave away last weekend

6 – the number of countries that had people downloading ESTyree books last weekend

I don’t have the full year’s numbers yet, but I do know that I have given away books in at least 9 countries at this point. I know that you all have been a big part of that! Not only that, but I am less than 20 follows away from hitting 300, which seems like a small number to those of you who have thousands of followers but for me it is AMAZING. I spent a long time with less than 100 followers and am very grateful for each and every one of you!

May each of you have a blessed and inspiring day! I’m off to work on lesson plans and day 3 (in a row, go me!) of exercising. Be Blessed!

Singing Tomes

As I may have mentioned once or twice recently, this week has been a big one in our household…as well as in Tyree Tomes.

Not only has Dr. Tyree given away another whoppingly large number of his kindle books (check out Paul on Paul, giveaway ends tonight); I have given away three paperback copies of my first book and, so far, have gotten rave reviews from the target audience.

Even though I haven’t had much time to write (read..none) and even though Dr. Tyree’s current w.i.p. is faring a similar fate this week, there has been much discussion of books, stories, and most importantly, what lies behind them.

Perhaps even more importantly than that (can I have something more important than the most important? Is there a word for that? I digress…) We have been privileged to spend time at home with some amazing girls, share dinner with an added great group of guys and a few instructors, and be part of a wonderful work for the church and for God. You see, Singing School may be touted as something that teaches men how to lead singing and everyone how to read the notes and follow the song leader, but what really happens is a great church camp atmosphere in which our members open up their doors and become an extended family for the students. For their part, the students spend a week singing songs and having devotionals that bring them closer to God and to each other.

Displaying CAM03770.jpg

One of our amazing men’s directors, Chris does a great job with teaching music AND with presenting devotionals that engage and delight his audience, keeping them learning and growing in Christ while he’s at it.

I was honored this year to be able to house a good friend of mine’s daughter, who just turned old enough to have her first year with us. I went to the Alva School of Music with her father and his friends (by the way, they are still goofy as all get out!) and it has been an odd and wonderful experience to watch her learning to be here and even helping other friends adjust to being here this week.

My other girls have shown me different sides of camp, of life, and of silliness…like they’re all a different side of the gaming dice and I’m a roll away from either unlimited healing or unmitigated disaster.

I have said all of that long windedness to say this…No, we haven’t written much this week. Yes, I will be scrambling tomorrow to try to get a short story written in time to complete my weekly challenge. Yes, we are all exhausted. But though Tyree Tomes doesn’t really have anything to show for this week, we have been honored, humbled, and touched several times a day…and that is worth more than all of the royalties and recognition that even someone like J.K. Rowling would have.

I hope you all have a Blessed Weekend! I’m off to start getting things ready for tonight…the big choral performance is this evening and there’s no way to get all 7 women and the one poor guy ready on time unless I start 6 hours early!