Looking for Suggestions

Ladies and Gentlemen I am here to ask for your help, your advice…your suggestions. You see, I’ve decided to at least one Video blog (vlog) post a week IF I can come up with enough topics to cover. Right now I have maybe 3 video ideas…2 of them are me reading from my own books or my Dad’s books, and one is an interview with Dad about his work and what he’s trying to do with his writing. I think they’re great but….

That’s where you all come in! Do you have any topics you think I should cover? Any questions to ask me? Any vague ideas about a video I could do?? Lay it on me! I am open for ideas! If you think your idea may be better as a written topic…well I need some of those too! Just let me know what you think and I’ll give it a whirl.

I’m looking forward to hearing all of your marvelously wonderful ideas…and all the rest of them too! While you guys are off thinking them up, I’ll be over here watching Kids Netflix with my Monkey and working on crossing things off this forever to do list. ToDoist.com (great place by the way) keeps sending me e-mails reminding me that I have over due goals 😐

This week I’m going to finish up a month long freelance contract (hopefully get another one!), work with the Monkey on getting used to her Chore Chart, put the picture book all together and ready for action, finish the 1st/2nd drafts of Dragons in the Deep, finish organizing the bedroom/sewing room/sitting room space, and hopefully make you guys a smashing video! What are you up to?

On a side note – I’ve been on SnapChat for less than 24 hours now and I’m already sick of seeing my own face. This app sounds fun, and is for a minute or two, but then it isn’t anymore. I don’t know, maybe my selfie game just isn’t strong enough. :/

I hope to talk to you guys soon, I’m off to catch some gold doubloons! Have a great week!


Pirate Ships


The Stone Dragon Saga Book 4: Dragons in the Deep will include some pirates and ships within the main crux of the story. (And probably require me to re-watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies a few times…how sad Gort vs Pirates: What's better Pirates Of The Caribbean or Serenity  )


Since I’ve been informed that reading up on salvaging and then watching Johnny Depp sashay around the screen for hours on end does not, in fact, constitute real research, I’ve been poking around the internet today and discovered something that I had somehow forgotten in all of the commercialization of the ‘classic pirate’…pirate ships were COOL!

The beauty and eerie of the shipwrecks, the sleek lines of the replicas and scale models, and even the gorgeous strokes of the pen and ink or pencil drawings; they all show me a world full of possibilities. Sure, a lot of those possibilities wound up being crueler than Barbosa, uglier than One Eyed Willy’s skeleton, and full of the pox or scurvy…but the BOATS…the boats were gorgeous. Below are some links to other blogs or sites that I have found to contain great information or, more than likely, pretty pictures! I hope that you enjoy them and have a Blessed day!

“Take what you can, Give Nothing  Back!”









NaBloPoMonth…an interesting challenge

NaBloPoMonth…an interesting challenge

Here is this weeks “Who are YOU Reading?”

For those of you who don’t want to write a novel (crazy people!), here is a site asking you to take a Blog Posting challenge! One Blog a Day, for 30 consecutive days. Think you can handle it? then go sign up!! If not…there are plenty of people who have signed up that would love to have you as a reader! Either way, you win!

Have a blessed Weekend!