The Calm…

There’s a calm settling down around the house tonight. Rooms cleaned. Shelves, books, and pens organized. I feel collected and ready, a woman standing on the precipice and preparing to lift the umbrella, to dance in the rain, because that calm will break and that storm will come in just a few short hours.

That’s right, we are right at 4 hours until midnight. 4 hours until the 1st of June. Which means it is 4 Hours until the beginning of the #HotandSticky Summer Writing Challenge.

488 words a day for the next 4 months. Sound simple? Well, 4 months over summer vacations, camps, the beginning of school…maintain a writing habit over those 4 months and you should be able to maintain it for the rest of your year too!

So what have I been doing to prepare while everyone else outlines and preps? I’m attempting to create an Excel sheet that shows the day, has a blank for me to input how many words I wrote (and adds it together at the bottom, of course), and a row for the amount of words I SHOULD have at the end of that particular day. Of course, I’m not that tech savvy so this has been going on all day long. Oh well, At least I’ll be prepared…write? I mean, right?

If you want to know more about this fun and frustrating good time, check out all the things Adrian and Dalton have to say about it on their YouTube Channel (Stripped Cover Lit). After all, this is their baby!

Are you participating in #HotandSticky? Let me know down below! I’ll see you guys with an update soon…and a book review or two along the way as well. (if you want to watch my announcement and updates videos for #HotandSticky Summer Writing Challenge, or anything else I’ve done, check them out HERE)

Writer’s Quote Wednesday Challenge

Silver Threading and RonovanWrites have this lovely new writing quote challenge for us. Basically, choose a writing quote and then use that as inspiration for a piece of flash fiction, with quote as the title or used within the piece.

Ok, I like a challenge. I can do this (maybe-ish). For my first week of the challenge I’m going to almost stick to the “Romance” theme suggested by Silver.



My Heart is almost a breathing, sentient being. It makes it own choices, decisions I wouldn’t ever agree to if I had a say. It ties a string around things it loves and causes me to stumble and pull if I walk away from them. To top it all off,  I think my heart and my stomach are in cahoots.

They drop at the same rate, my stomach often enjoys cradling my heart like they’re best friends just trying to make my logical head spin.

Logical, pah! They’ve ruined that. My heart and my stomach, they breath into everything that magical mayhem of belief, desire, magic.

They send my mind reeling and I must write, write until my hands cramp, until my fingers numb, until pen after pen has expired. Write until I cannot help but sleep, and in sleeping my dream self begins to write. Every place, person, and idea my heart has stored tumbles out of me like the fully formed Greek myths, but with more editing needed later. A novel, a short story, a prose poem that makes no sense…they all leap and bound, in love with ink and the sound, oh the sound of pen scratches and liquid words.

Goals for 2016

There are approximately 12 hours left until the year 2015 dies away with the bang of firecrackers and chanting, 5…4…3…2…1 – 2016 will be born in bright lights or, in many places, the dark contemplativeness of ancient stars and moon.

In honor of this yearly renewal, many people create resolutions and goals for their lives. Things like “I will exercise at the gym 5 days a week” or “This year I swear I’ll be nicer to my co-workers.” Last year I resolved to not resolve a thing…and that rings us here, to my goals for the new year.  These are all things that have been growing, pressing on my mind and heart more and more as 2015 fades to allow 2016’s entrance. I’ll list them for you here, and if you’d like to see the video I made for my Book Tube channel you can click the link at the bottom of the page.

May your New Year be blessed with love, inspiration, and enough resolve to get you through anything you have coming at you.

Goals for 2016:


1) Read with my daughter daily and work on letters/numbers etc for her pre-literacy love of words

2) Continue to eat healthy and get up/move around more

3) GET ORGANIZED!!! (For every aspect of my life!)



1) Participate in reading challenge(s):

a) PopSugar Challenge

b) Book Tuber Recommends Challenge

2) Read more Diversely

3) Read between 50-75 books (hopefully many, many more!)


1) Review more books for both Book Tube videos and Blogs!

2) Face my fear of failure and rejection and FIND AN AGENT!

3) Enter at least 1 contest a month (mostly short stories)

4) Promote books and TyreeTomes each month

5) Complete Works in Progress (WIPs)!

6) Stick to a schedule and really work on Blog and Book Tube videos. (3 videos and 4-5 blog posts a week prefereably)

7) Write! Write everyday, everywhere…and attend at least one writing retreat or lectureship etc this year (classes, retreat, bookcon…something!)

What are your resolves?


Short Stories

“And so he went to the mall.



Jessica looked down at the short stack of neatly written pages in front of her and proceeded to drop her head (a bit harder than necessary) onto the table.

“Why did I agree to this?” she groaned, softly banging her forehead against the wooden edge a few times, “I am TERRIBLE at writing short stories!”

“I’m sure it’s not all that bad.” Kayla soothed from her place on the couch, never once taking her eyes off of the newest episode of Bake Me.

“Not that bad?” Jessica shuddered, “Maybe not for a grade school beginner, but I am a professional. I hold myself to a higher standard, and this is nowhere near good enough!”

“I’m not whining,” Jess whined, “I was just saying that….”

“She thinks her short story is stupid,” Kayla supplied, “For the, what is it now? Fifth week in a row.”

“That’s not true, I liked the story I wrote two weeks ago,” Jessica countered, getting up to help herself to her big brother’s Chinese takeout. “The problem is that none of the endings are any good.”

“So work on fixing that part,” Michael offered oh so helpfully, reaching up to dislodge the ink pen that was swinging from his sister’s disheveled hair. Slapping at his hand and grimacing, Jess tossed a fortune cookie to Kayla before stretching out on the floor.

“I try but somehow I just start adding new things,” she munched for a moment, “I think my inability to write short stories may merely be proof that each and every short story secretly wants to grow up into a novel.”

“Then after you finish the challenge, you’ll have plenty of outlines to rewrite into new novels,” Kay smiles and snagged the last wonton. “Until then, maybe you should just concentrate on fixing the endings.”

“You may be right,” Jessica conceded thoughtfully, reaching over to snag the ever present crisp lined paper and spare colored ink pen off of the television cart. “Let’s see…”

“Cashed paycheck in his hand and a gleam in his eye, Jed set out for the mall.

Destiny awaited him, in the shape of a guitar, and one doesn’t mess with destiny.”

“Better,” Jessica tilted her head to the side and stared at her work for a moment, “I still think it wants to be a novel though.”

Nothing else was said about it as Jessica was too busy ducking away from flying fortunes to worry or whine much more.

NaNo Sickness…

Now that NaNoWriMo is ‘over’ for another year, I am beginning to find other little notes and ideas that I jotted down but didn’t do anything with because it was, wait for it, NOVEMBER. Here is a little blog I started write about halfway through the month, and then conveniently lost until this morning. Enjoy!


NaNo Sick:


I hate being sick! My head gets all fuzzy and I know that I’m not up to par and by the time I get back to my writing I won’t remember anything that’s supposed to be going on…which might actually be a good thing at this point.  So why then, when I KNOW that I’m either sick or will be within the month, do I continuously do this to myself, year in and year out?

Late nights, interrupted sleep, and added stress, all for what? A virtual badge of honor that doesn’t really do much for you once you’ve got it, and that very few of my friends and family understand the importance of while I’m working towards it.

So then, WHY? So I just like a challenge…yes. Do thrive under pressure…sometimes. Do I get a thrill from pushing myself this way…of course! But I think that the real reason I do this, that we all do this, is prove a point to ourselves. Our characters are real, they  must be or they wouldn’t be driving us to this point of total immersion. If the story isn’t important, if the characters aren’t real to you, and if the voices are silent…then why write at all? No! I do this, I write, I NANO because they are and because those voices are darn LOUD!

Every day, every week, every month of every year, there is a character straining to be brought to the world, a new voice shouting to be heard and it is your words, my words, OUR WORDS that bring them the attention they so desire. Pass the cold meds kid, I’m going in!

May your words flow freely, may the editing be short, and may you have a Blessed day!


NaBloPoMonth…an interesting challenge

NaBloPoMonth…an interesting challenge

Here is this weeks “Who are YOU Reading?”

For those of you who don’t want to write a novel (crazy people!), here is a site asking you to take a Blog Posting challenge! One Blog a Day, for 30 consecutive days. Think you can handle it? then go sign up!! If not…there are plenty of people who have signed up that would love to have you as a reader! Either way, you win!

Have a blessed Weekend!